Tips to Save the Life of Mobile Phone Users

Despite its many advantages, a mobile phone often triggers a series of health risks when used carelessly. The direct exposure to a mobile phone often ends up gifting you ailments like dizziness, headaches, loss of concentration, mood swings etc. Thanks to its non-thermal effects.

Such complications might be of trivial importance for you, but researches say that even dreading diseases like cancer can be caused. Moreover, there are strict warnings for a pregnant woman to reduce the careless use of her mobile phone.

The radiation might cause genetic and birth defects to the baby inside. Would you believe that a hypersensitive person can fall sick if kept for a while near a mobile phone. Such is the ill-effect of the hazardous ionizing radiation of electromagnetic waves of a mobile phone.

Thus next time when you lift up your mobile phone to mingle with your near and dear ones, don't put your life at stake. Because, this small technological gift, aimed to shorten the distances between the relations, should not be allowed to cut down the span of your life, at all.

What you need to for Radiation Free Mobile Usage :

Keep It Away : It is always better to maintain a distance from your mobile phone , so try to get adapted to the use a hands-free communication equipment. In the process, you are free from the constant hazardous radiation which is a natural feature of a mobile phone. Definitely, you will not fall prey to many health risks.

Lightly, Not Tightly : If you tend to cover your mobile phone completely with your fingers while talking, you better leave this habit. This results in lowering its capacity to deal with the signals. It mars the performance of your mobile phone. Thus the mobile phone starts using its maximum capacity to enhance its performance. This causes excessive radiation. So hold the mobile phone from its lower end, using the fingertips only.

Come Out : Congested basements or rooms with few openings weaken the signals of a mobile phone. Thus there starts increased radiation which aggravates health risks. So if you happen to work at such places, come out of them while you are receiving or making a call on your mobile phone.

Clip Off : This one is important. Even if you have been following the above given tips and tricks since long, there is still something left which you might not be taking care of.

Whether you use a mobile phone for a shorter period in adverse conditions or for a longer stretch of time in normal conditions, it is always harmful. So keep the calls shorter and avoid the health complications generated by radiation.

Avoid Certain Locations : The radiation of a mobile phone gets aggravated and causes interference when kept amongst a number of electrical devices and equipments. So, it is better to switch off mobiles in the factories while working with complex machines.

The efficiency of medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers is hampered if a mobile phone is kept around. There are evidences of signal interference in the airplanes too, so better switch them off at such places .

Use Antenna : Using a mobile phone in a car is as risky as using it inside an airtight room full of electrical equipments. The radiation increases many times risking your health. Thus to normalize the radiation, connect your mobile to a car roof antenna. It helps to receive and send signals efficiently.

GSM Jeopardizes : Reports say that a GSM phone is comparatively hazardous than a CDMA phone. Unlike a CDMA, a GSM emits deadly sharp-edged lower frequency pulses and electromagnetic waves which cause hypertension and other concentration related complications. So choose a CDMA phone.

Thermal Fax Machines : Combating Recession

Amid the recession, offices around the world are looking out for various ways which could assist them in finding out some effective methods to ensure substantial cost cuttings.

In the process, they find it interesting and feasible to start from trying the easiest options around.

Thus they find nothing but to make necessary amendments in the ways they have been using office automation products so far.

More clearly, at the end of the day, they realize the need of some inexpensive versions of office automation products such as printers, scanners and fax machines, especially.

Thus the fax machines could be helpful and of the most befitting office automation products in someone's plans to clip off the office expenses.

Thus if you are determined enough to use fax machines as your weapon to combat recession, then could there be something better than the most traditional thermal fax machines?

Here are reasons how they may help you overcome this frightening market slump.

If you are planning to buy fax machines then choosing the thermal fax machines can be the best idea. They come as the cheapest option in the market. Thus you end up saving a lot much before you have started using it.

The thermal fax machines are free from the use of expensive ink cartridges. It sounds incredible two those who hear it first. In fact, they use an efficient thermal technology, comprising ink ribbon or stored ink in the papers, which ensures the document printing.

The popular inkjet printers tend to be quite complex in terms of their mechanism. Such a complexity is untraceable in the mechanism of a thermal fax machines. Thanks to lesser number of moving parts inside these machines. Thus, this greater simplicity brings durability causing us to spend less on maintenance.

More clearly, the thermal fax machines are of two types. Those which apply the direct thermal method are comparatively far simpler than those which use transfer method. However as a whole, both of them are comprehensively simpler than inkjet fax machines.

The thermal fax machines tend to be compact and small sized, so they would be most suitable for those who run small offices or do the work from their home based offices.

They can be easily kept on the small tables or below your main desk. Thus they further help you in saving extra expenses as you are not required to buy extra furnitures or go for office extension.

The Need Of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Why to go for them?

For any data processing network, opting for 10 gigabit Ethernet switches becomes compulsory when the existing and older Ethernets such as gigabit Ethernets or fast gigabits start showing uninspiring speed while data work is on. 10 gigabit Ethernet switches are more productive and as per their nomenclature, they move data with a speed of 10 gigabits/second

10 gigabit Ethernet switches are always equipped with multicast support and entertain 802.1X authentication. They are much more secure than the other types of Ethernets and are protected against denial-of-service attacks.

Thus they have become a number one choice not only in local area networks, but they are greatly compatible with wide area networks and metropolitan area networks too. 10 gigabit Ethernet switches are very much similar in many cases to the other types of Ethernets such as gigabit Ethernets or fast Ethernets.

So what are 10 gigabit Ethernet switches?

Being described as a “disruptive” communication equipment by many, 10 gigabit Ethernet switches are a type of telecommunication technology which are capable of speeding up the data transfer rate to an incredible rate of up to more than 10 billion bits/second in LANs( local area networks).

10 gigabit Ethernet switches are the most improved version of Ethernet technology so far as they are comprehensively efficient and user-friendly as compared to other types of Ethernet switches available so far. The replacement of other networks used in various data centers by 10 gigabit Ethernet switches brings a sea like change in the data transfer rate from almost 2-3 gigabits/second to 10 gigabits/second.

So what about their cost-effectiveness?

Being highly inexpensive, 10 gigabit Ethernet switches are a first choice for all the local area networks worldwide. Since they first came to the fore in 2001, when the installation of 10 gigabit Ethernet switches were worth Us $35-40,000, they evolved successfully into one of the cheapest networking products. These days, they can be found at as below as US $3-4,000.

Then tell me something about their future too!

Though, 10 gigabit Ethernet switches are more than sufficient to transfer data at a high pace, the users and manufactures have set a goal to come up with something more powerful and accelerated. They hope to launch an Ethernet switches 8-10 times more efficient than these modern 10 gigabit Ethernet switches.

Busting Audio And Video Cables Quality Myth

While buying accessories for your TVs and videos, don't pay heed, even to the slightest, to the constant advertising maneuvers and the hooplas triggered by some so called producers of “high-quality” audio and video cables. They do nothing but to cheat you in the name of providing you error-free images on the screen.

However, it doesn't mean that I am forcing you to buy audio and video cables spread on the roadsides or the cables brought in by smugglers. Look! Such cables are something which you can call fake as a whole. They are cheap, literally.

Thus, definitely, there lies a clear cut difference between being “cheap” and being “inexpensive” cables and wires. An inexpensive audio and video cable is one which, without compromising with the audio/visual standards, makes these so called expensive cables to run for their lives. Undoubtedly, getting fooled by big brands is not a welcome idea.

The big brands lure you to buy their ultra expensive audio and video cables beating the trumpet of real-life picture quality, improved and highly sonorous voice quality, rainbow-like color details etc. Such boasting proves a manipulated gold digger and a consumer ends up with a thousand holes in his pockets.

Thus come out of this cannot-afford-to-buy-inexpensive-cables hangover. Believe it or not, any low-price edition of audio and video cable can give you the same amount of satisfaction which you expect of an expensive cable.

So if you are looking for audio and video cables for you new HDTV, prefer any low-price HDMI( high-definition multimedia interface) to the expensive HDMI cables. Believe me, using a below $10 audio or video cable will give you as much qualitative picture and sound as you can get of a $200 cable.

However, being honest enough, an inexpensive cable might not be as good looking and durable as its expensive version could be. But if you are opting for a high price cable for the sake of enhanced picture and sound quality, then it would not serve your purpose. Such a purpose can well be entertained with some $8-10 audio video and cables too.

There are many types of audio and video cables and it clearly depends upon you which one you want to go for. For example, if your audio-video receiver is capable of handling HDMI cables, then there ends your search. You can also choose an S-video cord. It is well equipped to give you qualitative pictures.

Many people use coaxial cables. Comparatively, they come at very low prices. They might be not as good as S-video components, but can be efficient and price saving. Though such audio and video cables come at low prices, naturally, they might be found even cheaper at the discount sales. Check out online those shops which offer such sales around your city.

If still you are not convinced that an inexpensive cable can be superior to high priced cables, then have a test by your own at the stores. Run the same audio video system using both types of cables one by one. See the difference. Hope you haven't found any striking dissimilarity. They work with equal efficiency.

Organic Semiconductors Make Flexible Circuits And Screens A Possibility

Days are not far away, when we will, eventually, come to see ultra-efficients digital circuits. Thanks to the “polymeric n-channel semiconductors—practically ones—were unknown....,” as described by Antonio Facchetti, chief technology officer, Polyera Corp.

Such efficient digital circuits became a possibility when researchers, headed by Faccheti, came to find out a polymer which is said to revolutionize the printing method of electronics circuits on plastic. This polymer is said to be an organic semiconductor.

This latest polymer conducts electrons, a feature unheard so far about other types of such materials used to make semiconductors. Necessarily, nost of the polymers carry positive electric charges.

According to the researchers, they have succeeded in printing a CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor ) circuit combining this latest find along with the older semiconductors.

Thus the combination of existing p-type materials, carrying positive charges, and this recently developed n-type polymer which carries electrons has opened a new road for flexible or bendable digital circuits.

Such flexible semiconductors are more powerful and efficient. “If you want to enable high-performance CMOS electronics, you need both p-channel and n-channel semiconductors,”
 Faccheti further says.

This polymer, based on naphthalene-bis(dicarboximide), is highly soluble, so it can be turned into an ink and can be printed digitally. However, its solubility doesn't mar its effective and high speed of electron mobility. Its electron mobility is said to be between 0.45 and 0.85 cm2/Vs.

Such a speed is far greater and satisfying as compared to the much below 0.5 cm2/Vs, the electron mobility rate of all the existing polymers. The researchers hope to upgrade the speed up to 1 cm2/Vs in coming years.

Undoubtedly, this invention is going to give a completely different shape to the way, the manufacturers used to make computer screens and sensor tags. Now they will be able to produce flexible screens and sensor tags which will be available at highly low prices.

The detailed story can be read at the online version of the journal Nature.

5 Security Systems Your Car Is Not Safe Without

The rising car theft has raised concerns about the car security to a newer height. Thus this crisis situation has led to a reinvented demand for some innovative car security systems. First of all, there are the safest and most popular immobilizer systems and car alarms.

However, if you are desperate to come out of the realm of these traditional vehicle security devices such as immobilizer systems and alarms, then there are some more security systems for your car too.

Such vehicle security products are a lot more secure as the car criminals find themselves less resourceful while trying to overcome such deterrents. Thus the following car security systems which can play a role of efficient guards are the need of the hour.

Conventional Alarms : Being used for last many years, they have got the trust seal of most of the car owners. So there is no way you can't plan to have such one for your car. The moment your car is touched with an evil intention, the shrill sound generated by the alarm is more than enough to frighten the car thief and draw the attention of people around the car. Such car security alarms are equipped with motion detectors and shock sensors too.

Immobilizer Systems : An immobilizer system can be another safest option for you car security. However, most of the times, you are not required to buy such one as moderns car are equipped with it already. It works automatically.

Thus a car gets immobilized as soon as it is parked. It makes the cars immovable as it break the ignition circuit completely. In case, if you have an old car you can get it installed by any car mechanic. In this case, you need to operate it manually.

Heavier Car Locking Systems : Car locks are the most basic, safest and the most famous car security systems. It is up to you which car lock you choose to get your car protected. Steering locks are used by a majority of car owners. However, you can get other types of locks such as handbrake locks, gearstick locks and pedal locks.

They make effective deterrents to shoo away the car thieves. You can easily get them on discount from the stores. Refrain from buying lighter locks. They are easy to cut, so they prove luring for thieves. Buy such locks with heavier hinges.

Inexpensive Locking Wheel Nuts :
It is always better to opt for locking wheel nuts. They are always cost-effective and extremely secure. Such locking nuts can be preferred to expensive alloy wheels. They make car stealing a bitter experience for the thieves. However, they are not needed for modern cars which come with alloy wheels. So it is up to you, what you prefer to choose. Either a new car during this recession or a cheaper locking wheel nut for the older model.

Effective Tracking Systems : Being the most expensive by nature, they tend to be the safest too. Tracking systems are mostly liked by those who drive luxury cars. Of course, it is justified to use the costliest car security systems for one of the most expensive cars. You need to take the services of a tracking company which uses GPS technology to track you car. A transmitter is installed in your car which provides the leads, it is found missing.

Innovative Kids Educational Software : Reviving Kids Education

When we talk about educational software, we notice a much evident feature attributed to them. They are rather less-commercialized in nature, unlike other popular software. Their main purpose is to impart education in an exclusively interactive way. Thus using ultra innovative educational software will not help you make enormous money, but of course it can help the students understand concepts in much better way.

The rising popularity of interactive based teaching, equipped with real-life experience, forced the professionals, dealing with education system , to escape from the conventional instruction based teaching. Rather, they adopted audiovisual design in classrooms empowered by educational software.

Undoubtedly, results with a difference were soon very much evident. The evaluators found that the learners, especially kids, were more entranced when the teacher used multimedia devices to elaborate any concept. The students, seeing visuals added with audio, were comprehensively comfortable and gave their maximum attention while the session went on. Thus this satisfying evaluation led numerous companies to jump into the field of developing educational software. Of course, we can say, at some extent, that the competition between companies to come up with the best educational software has given it a commercial undertone. However, this commercialization is solely meant for education, thus it can be bearable.

As the educational software tend to be interactive, the kids get greater chances to discuss a topic and clear the doubts, if any. Thus, as a result, they become more vocal and can have their personal point of views on a certain topic. It helped a lot to develop their communication skills.

Thus the software companies are developing a series of interactive educational software with the help of educational software developers who are well versed with the students psychology and their needs. They are also trained to understand the demand of syllabus and curriculum of the related educational institution.

For example ; educational software like Kidspiration, Microsoft office, Inspiration, iLife etc are the flag bearers in this regard. Such educational software help the students of various grades in the better planning, evaluating and comprehending the subject matters.

Inspiration is most suitable for students studying in grades between 6-12. Also educational software for all age groups and grades can be found at Educational Software Reviews.

Moreover, the ongoing boom in online and distant education system would not have been a possibility without the advent of these educational softwares. A student, miles away from the schools and colleges, learns successfully a concept, all because of the audiovisual aid.

Forrester Predicts A Dive In Global IT Purchases

According to Forrester, a research company, dealing with business and technology, the purchases of IT goods have proved just another prey to the global economic recession encompassing 2008-2009, thanks to the diving interest of business segments and governments worldwide.

More clearly, the purchases of IT goods and services is set to experience a drop of almost 3 percent this year. In other words, this frightening loss of $1.66 trillion marks the end of a continuous growth in this field which carried on for last seven consecutive years.

More importantly, the ongoing market recession had least effect on IT purchases in 2008 as this business segment had touched a hike in its sales up to 8 percent. However, such a slump in the IT goods sales is not something new. The market had seen such a decline of 6 percent, way back in 2001 and 2002 too.

The report is based on the ability of purchasing things such as communication equipments,IT consulting and integration services, computers, software etc by the governments and business segments, globally.

Moreover, the research agency predicts a definite revival in the situation, but not before the beginning of the second half of 2009 and a complete escape from the losses in 2010. For IT vendor strategists, the global IT market will be a gloomy one in 2009, with prospects of improvement in 2010,” says Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst.

Ironically, such slump is only obvious when we evaluate the market of IT goods purchases in terms of US dollars. The conditions are not that much gloomy in respect of regional and local currencies worldwide.

If the IT goods purchases evaluated in local currencies, the loss of 3 percent will turn into a profit of 1.6 percent, globally. More specifically, for the combine of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa, the market shows a growth of 5 percent, while Western and Central Europe will notice a high of 1.3 percent. Asia pacific too expects a growth of 3 percent.

Though such a situation brings a sigh of relief for non-US businessmen, the current currency fluctuation has brought a double jeopardy for the US businessmen. "The fact that 2009 IT purchases growth is so much weaker in U.S. dollars than in local currencies means U.S. vendors with significant overseas business will feel a double dose of pain, as both the economic environment and currency market will work against them for much of 2009,"Andrew Bartels says.

Office Automation Guide : Buying Photocopiers

Running a business successfully, whether home based or office based, is not possible without a good photocopier. Like any other office automation product, a photocopier too needs to go through your litmus test before it makes an entry inside your office.

There can be multiple points you need to consider, before you enter an office automation store to get your pick. The points you need to consider basically depend on the type of your business requirements such as ; the type of prints you need, whether black/white or multicolored. Also, you need to find out the volume of documents you copy daily and many more things.

However, now the the best move is to enter into the shop so you can find out a photocopier of your choice. Once into the store, you may put emphasis on the following features of a photocopy machine.

See the Speed : This is the first thing you need to pay attention while buying this office equipment. A high speed photocopier can have a speed of almost 100 ppm. So if you own a high scale office, then there is no way you can't buy such one. For low workload offices, go for something with a speed of 40-50 pages per minute.

Double Dose : Though all the photocopiers are well comfortable with A 4 sheets, when it comes to copy documents on A 3 sheets, they tend to falter. Simply, they are not equipped to do so. Most of the portable photocopiers can't to it. However, there are many innovative photocopiers available which are efficient with both sizes. So such things might be a better choice.

Cap the Paper Capacity : You can't afford to place sheets in the paper feed every now and then. Thus you need to buy a photocopier with much better paper holding capacity. The best photocopier will be one which can hold A 4 sheets as many as 3000-5000 in the tray. Now you are free for almost 2-3 days.

Toner Replacement Facility : Older versions needed to stop copying the documents when you needed to change the toner. It marred the production a lot and killed the valuable time too. Thus you need to buy a modern and efficient photocopier which allows you to replace the toner without disrupting your work flow. Also, changing toner in such machine is not a tedious job.

Added Features : There are many works you need to do with your printed documents such as hole punching, stapling etc. Won't it be great to find out a copier which can do all these things for you? Ask the seller for such features in your office automation equipment.

Simplified Passive Device Guide : PhotoResistor

What is a Photoresistor?

A photoresistor is widely known as a light dependent resistor. Its evolution has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1873 by a scientist Smith. Actually, its discovery happened when Smith was working hard to trace photo conductivity in various materials. Thus the researcher got the desired result while experimenting with selenium.

However, many scientists, since the photoresistor was brought first, have come up with their own improved versions with recommendable efficiency. Thus the making of photoresisrors is not confined to selenium only, but materials like germanium, cadmium sulphide, gallium arsenide and silicon have emerged as the leading production support for them.

The versatility in the use of materials for its production has led us to produce many low price photoresistors. Interestingly, their versatilities and the way they are used as passive devices in various technological components gave them a series of alternative names. Presently, these photoresistors are also called as photocells, photoconductors, photoconductive cells, photo resistors etc.

How a Photoresistor is Made?

While making a photoresistor, a layer of an active semiconductor is spread on insulated substrates. As this resistor needs a better conductivity, the semiconductors used while their making are doped. A mild doping is enough to make a semiconductor with a better conductivity.

After then, some contacts are fixed on these substrates. To get the maximum of these photoresistors, the exposed area, between the contacts, on the substrates are never kept straight and even.

Rather, the area is given some comparative complex patterns. It can be a zig zag looking interdigital pattern most of the time. Thus a complex pattern between the contacts increases the distance between them many times.

Naturally, at maximum instances, any widely used semiconductor is used to make a photoresistor. Such phtoresistors turn out to be a bit costly. However, manufacturers, in order to make some cost-effective photoresitors, use polycrystalline semiconductor on ceramic substrates.

Some Basic Uses of Photoresistors :

The most famous uses of photoresistors are seen in various types of security devices such as burglar detectors, fire and smoke alarms etc. Basically, it is used in photographic light meters extensively. They are used in street lights and card readers too.

Also, a photoresistor is used in many consumer appliances such as clocks, cameras, light meters etc. Further, they are used in some designs of dynamic compressors too.

Light Up Your Home The LED Way

The realm of incandescent bulbs is about to collapse. The invasion by CFL lighting components dug up a deep hole in their credibility years ago. If still something was left by the first strike, the LED arrived for the second and even more forceful blow that sent the conventional bulbs on the threshold of extinction.

Meanwhile, the battle between these lighting components is on, the consumers have turned out to be the real winners. They have lighting options galore. Having tasted those incandescent and CFL lighting components on their litmus test already, they are set to do same with these highly energy efficient LED lighting components.

So why keep waiting? Why you too don't give them a test? There could not be a better time than this phase of economic slump and slide to bring in some LED home lighting products. The financial dives have pulled the prices of these lighting components down to the earth. So that would be a double bonanza for you, saving much while buying them and cutting electricity charges drastically.

For your comfort, there is no part in your home which can't be lighted with LED lamps and bulbs. Check out below -

LED Night Lamps : Night Lamps consume the maximum of energy as its installation is essential everywhere right from the bedrooms to drawing rooms to your kitchen etc. Thus it would be most feasible to replace all such lamps with LED night lamps. They are cool and safe, thus you would be saved by the heat generated by other ordinary bulbs.

LED Reading Lamps : Either for you or your children, a LED reading lamp can make reading an exciting experience. You get an unmatchable brightness that reduces the strain on the eyes. As all the LED lights have a small mirrors attached to them, they ensure that all the light goes towards the exact location. In your case, the targets are the books. Thus the light hardly scatters and you end up using whole of the light.

LED Outdoor Lamps : It was believed that LED lamps were not suitable for outdoor lighting as they tend to produce lesser amount of light. But right now it is not so. There are improved versions of LED light bulbs which are working sufficiently with an increased efficiency. They are capable of illuminating whole of the backyard or the front yard.

LED Accent Lighting : Whether it is your lawn or the outer wall of your yard or the hallway or the entrance to your home, you are no more required to use any energy gobbling bulb. Rather make a trip to your nearest lighting equipments store to choose some dazzling LED accent lighting products. The controlled and recessed yellow or white light will resemble the sun or the moon suspend to your walls.

LED Ambiance Lighting : Sometimes you use light not only for the sake of visibility, but you need to use it more for your aesthetic purposes. So the LED ambiance lighting products are there for you. Just install them wherever you need to do. The dim and recessed light produced will make your drawing room enough charming to resemble a set of romantic movie. LED cans up on the ceilings are mostly used for ambiance effect.

LED Fairy Lights : Mostly used for decoration purposes, these are cool and great to look at. They are highly energy efficient so will not be a burden on your pocket. Buy one with a fuse bulb system. So you are not required to worry even if one bulb stops working, because the whole lot will keep working.

LED Rainbow Lights : It is a multipurpose light. As per its name, it is a cluster of many colorful LED bulbs which give an impression of a rainbow glowing inside your bedroom. The same effects can be generated in other parts of your home too. Undoubtedly, it is best for those who love to use light as a tool of mood enhancement. Just switch on these rainbow lights and play on some hit songs of older days. Don't forget to close your eyes.

Solar Powered Lighting Products : Beating Financial Blues

Most of the people, around the world, are coming up with numerous strategies to save money during these financially depressed days. Either it could be canceling or shortening the foreign trips and holidays or refraining from buying something costly and expensive.

However, the latest and the most unique method people are mad about is nothing but installing solar powered lighting components. Interestingly, the benefits of installing solar lights all around is not only confined to cost cutting and saving only.

There are benefits which can be seen behind the walls too. These can be minimizing green house effects, curbing the d of pollutants, saving the electricity etc. It is just like killing half a dozen birds with a single shot.

So I won't be surprised if you are seen with a variety of solar lighting products, after reading this article, ready to get installed. Remember, if you make it a habit, you will find yourself nearer to nature and will play an effective role to ensure a denting cut into the soaring global warming.

Look out for the solar lights you can have for your home which are effective means to save some money.

Solar Garden Lights -

Solar Path Lamps : Replace all your electricity powered path lamps with solar versions. The walkways amid your gardens will look more than enchanting with solar path lights hanging on stakes beside them. You don't require technicians to install them.

Solar Spotlights : Mostly used at the time of festivals and lawn parties. As the name suggests, they help to bring a particular thing in your garden to limelight. It can be some beautiful trees, or the antique statues you want to get noticed by all. Just hang these lights on the stake and install around the target.

Solar Accent Lights : Such lights too are used to highlight something special in your garden. Most of the times, such lights are aligned beside the flower beds . Also they are use to do the same beside the lines of bushes. They are installed with stakes around the garden.

Solar Yard Lamps -

Though they tend to be expensive, they are most useful for a long run. As the market prices are falling so such yard lamps can be found quite cheaper also. They store the energy too quickly and can produce light only in minutes. They don't require any wiring or other lighting accessories, so they are moderately cheaper lighting components, aren't they?

Solar Table Lamps :

Such solar table lamps will prove a befitting real-life experience for your school going children. Undoubtedly, a chapter in their science books must be dedicated to solar light, so what a great idea to buy a solar lamp or two to help them understand the importance of solar energy.

Always buy a LED ( light emitting diode) based solar table lamps. By the time they study under the solar lamps, you keep counting the bills you saved on electricity.

Solar Pool Lights :

Anyone who owns a pool, indoor or out door, can be most benefited by such solar pool lights. You will be delighted when we you will swim along these floating lights. So can there be something more fanciful than swimming with such solar pool lights without spending a single penny

They are ultimately user friendly and can be moved and relocated at will. However, these are not confined to swimming pools only. You can illuminate your fountains and everything else where you use water for aesthetic pleasure.

In my electronics blog, if you want to know more about home light decorations on special occasions, check my post on Light Decorations.

CES Sees Two Latest Motorola Mobiles Among Market Crisis

The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, a leading trade fair, has witnessed Motorola unveiling two latest mobile phones. The first one, W233, is said to be a green mobile. Thus it has succeeded enough to draw the maximum attention of environment lovers.

The making process of this cellphone, as told, seems to be bizarre. Though it uses plastic for the making of this mobile, the plastic comes from recycled water bottles. Moreover, Motorola has started investing in tree plantation and renewable energy. The phone will cost around $200 and will be marketed by Deutsche Telekom AG's (DT) T-Mobile USA.

The second product from Motorola is a smartphone, called Motosurf. It is a touchscreen mobile and can be operated using a stylus or a track ball or a finger, naturally. This smartphone uses Windows Mobile. Its sale is expected to be started with the sale of W233 right from this quarter.

Motorola And CES :

The Consumer Electronics Show has never been a happy hunting ground for Motorola. The company has always kept away from launching something bigger over here. Thus the current CES has very few products lined up by Motorola. Rather, the mobile giant prefers to unveil its best products at more prestigious communication device shows such as GSMA Mobile World Congress and CTIA.

The Impact of Financial Slump On Motorola :

Like other wireless communication giants, Motorola too has been severely affected by the current market slump. Thus this manufacturer has taken least risks to come up with something new and advanced in the market.

There is no product of the company in the market which could be called as a technology sensation. Rather it has preferred to stay on with its older versions, more or less, with few overt changes. Even there would be nothing new from Motorola, at least for the first six months.

The Current Status Of Motorola :

The marketslump has not only forced Motorola to come up with fewer products, it has also triggered some major setbacks for the company itself. Now it comes second on ranking as Samsung snatched the top post last year in US mobile phone market. Though it has lost its mobile sales graph to competitors like Samsung, Apple etc, still it has retained the top slot for the advanced communication devices.

You Need A Home Burglar Alarm System When...

Don't think that this economic recession will not force a burglar to invade your home. You might be thinking that why on earth this poor fellow will break into your home when numerous household appliances are ready to be sold at a price cheaper than the locks hanging on your doors.

However, saving your appliances from the burglars may not only be the sole reason to install a burglar alarm. You need to save your costly jewelry, your important documents which are messed up completely when the burglar goes back after a “treasure hunt.”

The other one but the most important thing can be you and your family members' lives in particular. You can't expect to have a sound sleep with a paranoia of burglars breaking into your home and running away with the valuables.

Also, it would be tough to you to concentrate during office hours when you imagine your kids being attacked by these miscreants under the broad daylight inside the home. The reasons can be many such as protecting your garden, courtyard and garage though not so important ones.

Even official records say that only a fraction of homes with burglar alarms installed are vulnerable to burglar's mischief. Otherwise, most of the times, they are caught or forced to go back empty handed. So in such case a home with no burglar alarms becomes the obvious target. Thus they pound upon such homes like a hungry kite. So if you have such a home, you might be the next target.

So, in order to save your home from such a bad experience, you need not to waist even a second before you actually end up installing a good burglar alarm. Interestingly, once you have installed such technologically improved alarms, you will see insurance agents taking unexpected interest in your home. They know that now you are one of those who hardly make a claim for compensation citing theft as a reason.

So, don't wait too much and come out to buy a good product. Earlier they used to be a bit costly. But as the market rates are biting the dust, there won't be more suitable time than this to buy an alarm. The best step is to buy an innovative wireless alarm which gives a complete protection to your home.

The inbuilt sensors, auto-dial facility and motion detectors are the added features which help to deter a criminal even if you are overseas. Such a security device will cost you no more than US50-60 dollars. These are user-friendly, so you can install them by yourself.

Blue Ray vs DVD : Who Wins The Race ?

Forget the DVDs, otherwise you may find yourself far from getting the highest mode of entertainment. Of course, we were right until recently when we used to think that nothing can beat our DVDs as far as the best entertainment appliance is concerned.

Of course the sound and picture quality of a DVD was free from any direct visible challenge. But as we see that nothing is immobile in the world of technology, a new miracle happened in digital video players technology. The inventors called it Blue-Ray.

These Blue-Rays are well set to replace the DVDs as the most prominent source of video watching. To bring the DVDs to the threshold of extinction, not only its advanced mechanism and much improved storage capacity will play a significant role, but the increasing popularity of HDTVs too is a second reason.

The 1080p resolution of an HDTV, compared to 480p resolution of a DVD, can be exploited to its maximum only by a Blue-Ray player.

Apart from its picture quality, a Blue-Ray player stores more data than a DVD. A DVD can store no more than 10 GB while a Blue-Ray disc can handsomely store a thumping 45-50 GB.

Such is the impact of its arrival that even the movie makers are not left ignorant of the importance of Blue-rays. They are leaving no stone unturned while making a movie. They are more Blue-ray focused.

They are ensuring there best to come up with the most beautiful pictures, in terms of varying colors and their shades, to make watching movies on Blue-rays a magical experience. Thus you have to opt for a Blue-ray player as all the frames of new movies are inclined towards blue-rays.

Also the arrival of HDTV has made the blue-ray a must have. You will no longer find watching videos on HDTVs using a DVD player an interesting job. The difference between resolutions mars the effect. So a blue-ray player enjoys the most befitting compatibility with an HDTV.

Also you are not required to be worried about your huge DVD collection as a Blue-Ray player is capable to run your DVDs too. Thus you are free from the responsibility of getting all your DVDs translated to Blue-ray version.