Cell Phone Stun Guns : The Best Companion Of A Working Woman

If you are a housewife and remain inside, most of the time, then there is nothing to fear, of course, most of the time. But you put your personal security at stake, all the time, when you happen to be a working woman. After all, the street-snatchers seem to be more interested in attacking a single woman, coming late in the nights, after a hard day's work, than anyone else.

Reports say that more than one-third of all the attacks by these robbers are carried out on women. And it is least important to say that the majority of such deadly attacks are targeted to working women. However, the administration tries its level best to make such working women a 'competent self defenders' by telling them to learn martial arts. But nothing works to tame those skilled criminals. Necessarily, they too are trained in those skills.

The Best One :

So, definitely, if such is the case, then there is nothing which can help you but a suitable, innovative and disguising cell phone stun gun. These are the best personal security products, a working lady must have to protect herself. A powerful cell phone stun gun, generating volts in millions, can be more than enough to stun the most powerful of snatchers.

Though, there are many types of stun guns, ranging from a mini stun gun to a standard-size stun gun, choosing a cell phone stun gun has always remained a wise step. Lets see how!

What Is This ?

A cell phone is the most useful and favored personal security product for a working woman. Its small size makes it completely invisible to a potential attacker, and you can easily stun him using this disguised cell phone stun gun, which generates almost 800,000- 900,000 volts.

Why Should I Buy It ?

The main advantage of a cell phone stun gun is that it never alerts the attacker in advance. Thanks to its small size, it successfully conceals its identity as it remains attached to keyring or belts etc. Thus the snatcher takes you lightly as an unarmed prey, only to get stunned after moments.

Most importantly, its small size has nothing to do with its efficiency. It remains as useful and accurate as any other stun gun. Rather it comes with a powerful shocking effect which immobilizes an attacker for few minutes till you make a safe distance or shout our for help.

Can I Kill Him ?

Though it proves to be a potent personal security product, it possess least risk to you and the attacker's life. Remember, it stuns only and doesn't kill, necessarily. It leaves an attacker in immense and intolerable pain making him restless. Thus his all efforts are wasted to make himself safe , as he feel like collapsing, rather than attacking you.

Moreover, such a shocking current hardly proves fatal for you. Thanks to its safe mechanism. Thus while giving him those electric shocks, you never feel a return-shock even if you are holding his limbs. Its use is pretty easy as the moment the attacker seems to launch any offensive, do nothing but make this cell phone stun gun touch the attacker and switch on the trigger. Here he goes unconscious. There you stand safe and unharmed.

Smoke Air Purifiers : Securing A Smoke-free Healthy Life To Your Kids

Living, with your family, especially with your kids, nearby an industrial area does more harm than good. But you can't help as it is the demand of your job. Doing so has a direct, adverse and hostile relation with the health of your loving kids. See, the amount of deadly smoke, exhaled by the monstrous chimneys, they inhale in a single day.

Of course, there is no way to stop those 'dirty' stuffs billowing up high in the sky and spreading all over and around your home and your growing children. But, being a master, you can manage everything inside your home. Definitely, you can do something, in the home, to curb the menace of smoke and give them some air to inhale, free from all types of hazards.

Thus step out of your home and buy a cool smoke air purifier which can inhale the smoke which invades the safe zone of your home and give you a 'whole house' protection. Funnily, a smoke air purifier is something which eats up all the smoke, so far being sucked by your children only. Lets see how to have a right pick.

Hail The HEPA Filters : HEPA stands for 'High-Efficiency Particulate Air' filter. Such filters are found to be the most efficient ones when it comes to compare their ability of smoke-eating with other household appliances of the same breed. They can remove dust and smoke particles of the size of as minute as 0.3 microns. These particles prove a big deterrent in the normal growth of your children.

Kill The Smell Too : Even the most efficient smoke air purifier can't kill the pungent smell of smoke, though it wipes away the smoke perfectly. The smoke invading your home sticks to everything inside your home giving them an intense smell. Such smell makes your little family members feel dizzy and spark different types of allergies too. So buy only that air purifier which comes with carbon pre-filter. However, buying a whole house air purifier with ionizer is never good for your children. It exhales deadly ozone gas.

Don't Allow It To Spread : The smoke is a menace, so it is better to check its spread much before it becomes fatal to whole of your house. So while buying an air purifier, see how powerful its fan is. A powerful fan, in your air purifier, attracts the smoke the moment it creeps into your home much before it spreads to harm your children. Experts suggest to buy an air purifier meant to be installed in bigger rooms, even if your room is a smaller one.

Show It Doors : Avoid embracing its literal meaning! Actually, to get the maximum benefits from your air purifier, you are supposed to install it at those places where the smoke comes in from. They can enter through your doors and windows. Thus place them nearby the doors or windows. The smoke will be caught there only, red handed!

Want A Longer Life Of Your Microwave Oven? Try These Safety Tips

microwave oven safety tips
The efficiency and the long life of your microwave oven depend on how do you use and operate it, not only on which famous kitchen appliances production house it comes from. Thus, in order to ensure 'unbreakable and continuous' service of your microwave oven, you need to follow the following simple-looking but extremely important tips. Definitely, these safety tips and tricks regarding the use of this electrical kitchen appliance will not only tell you how to clean it properly, but also how to place the food container inside rightly ensuring the saving of a substantial amount of energy and also how a clean microwave oven saves energy handsomely.

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Your Need Decides, Which Headphone Comforts You

buying choosing comfortable headphonesDespite doing the same 'duty' that is providing you with a session of 'sweet' and refreshing music, not all the headphones are the same. The way they vary in their looks, they vary in their features and functionality too in the very same way.

Thus, while choosing a headphone you have to keep a clear tab on your needs and the way you love to listen to your favorite music. Who knows if walking under the sun, on a chilly afternoon, gives you the right platform to kick-start your music time?

Keeping in view many such situations, here is a little effort to tell you how to choose some most comfortable earphones which work in all 'seasons.'

Love To Jog And Walk? If you are one of those who can't think of staying away from music, be it even the most basic activities like having an evening walk or jogging on the beach on any fresh morning, then nothing...yes nothing but a set of in-ear headphones, also called earbuds, will come to your rescue.

The small size of such a headphone makes it one of the most comfortable headphones while you sweat out. These in-ear headphones dip in your earholes nicely and disappear completely making it tough for someone to find out.

Moreover, the compact mechanism of such earbuds hardly allow the music to go out into air. So, it is an added advantage when you don't want to disturb others.

Confined To Your Lawns Only? Many people love to walk andbuying choosing comfortable headphones roam across their lawns only, or feel happy while strolling in their courtyards when nobody is around. On such occasions, you are hardly supposed to care whether the music goes out or not.

If that is the case, then what could be a better idea than buying a set of on-ear headphones. Their bigger size allow you to hear the more detailed notes of your favorite music. However, thus, it leads to the 'leak' of a definite amount of sound. Better to use when nobody is around.

If Music Fills Your Bedroom : I have seen many of my friends lying flat on their bed with some special types of headphones stuck up to their ears. Such headphones are called over-hear headphones. They are heavier than the above described headphones.

As they cover the ears completely, their noise canceling ability is far better and don't allow the external sound to invade. So, it hardly matters, if your spouse is enjoying a full blast on the TV. As they tend to come with bigger built, they may make you feel tired easily. So better use it while you sit or lie on the bed.

If You Hbuying choosing comfortable headphonesate Being 'Wired Up.' Well...Don't take its literal meaning. I have seen many who don't want to carry any type of load even as light in weight as such of a wire. Thus, they opt for the latest wireless headphones. Buy such headphones, and put a complete end to the menace of 'keep-managing-the-wire-with-your-hands-all-the-time.'

Moreover, it makes you feel like a flying bird who keeps hovering all around. Just plug in the headphones and step out to roam all around your home, listening to the most qualitative music ever on such tiny entertainment appliances. Bask on a completely 'weightless' music based on bluetooth or RF technology.

Portable Water Purifier : It Counts While Your Child Camps

portable water purifier filter filtration purificationIf your school going child has planned to go for a summer camp, then forget not to provide him/her with the most important companion for those exciting and thrilling days. Buy him/her a portable water purifier, because there are nil chances to get fresh and clean drinkable water in those remote areas.

LinkThis friendly and innovative kitchen appliance saves your child from many unwanted ailments and complications which are common symptoms if someone drinks contaminated water, borrowed from canals and streams, in those exotic places. It does water purification and filtration at its best.

How Does a Portable Water Purifier Help Your Child?

Removes Everything : Many parents tend to give their growing children a portable water filter, instead of a portable water purifier. It worsens the situation, Remember, a filter only make the water free from visible and floating contaminants and leaves free those deadly viruses and germs intact. That is why, to make your child drink bacteria free clean water give him/her a purifier for water purification and filtration, not a filter, indeed.

Fits Everywhere : As it comes in all sizes and shapes, your child can have more than one option to choose from. Some can fit perfectly into the top of his/her bottle without adding any extra burden to the backpack. If your child loves to cook while camping, give a portable water purifier, bigger in size, which fits on the top of a big water container easily.portable water purifier filter filtration purification

Minimizes The Load : Remember your days, how tough it was to carry those enormously huge water bottles , for water filtration, attached to your backpack. The 'water load' seemed to wash away the joy of camping. However, such will not be the case with your child. Instead of carrying gallons of water he/she will move with only required water up to the next campsite or stop.

How To Buy Your Child A Suitable Portable Water Purifier ?

See The Pore : While buying any portable water purifier, a careful parent need to look at the pore size of the product, first of all. A bigger pore size of the purifier may not be able to catch the smaller contaminants as such pores provide them friendly passages. Thus try to buy a kitchen appliance like this which comes with as small pores as possible. The safest pore size is 0.2 microns. Stick to that.

See How it Cleans : A portable water purifier which does the cleaning using iodine has remained most popular one, however, it needs to be kept away for direct exposure to sunlight which seems tough while your child is enjoying the excursion. Many children are allergic to it also. Thus a chlorine based portable water purifier can be a safer option. However, the safest are the latest innovations in forms of ultraviolet purifiers. They use heat to cleanse the water and are safe from chemicals.

Don't Cportable water purifier filter filtration purificationompromise With Taste : One thing is sure, a portable water purifier, despite its efficiency, easily destroys the taste of water while cleaning it. Though, many children may not react but see if he/she can drink that tasteless water. Thus see a purifier which comes with an added container where your child can store some flavors.

See The Authenticity : A portable water purifier tends to be a bit costlier, so don't waste your money buying a crap. Buy those which are certified and have received positive responses from critics. Better shop online.

Best Plasma TV Maintenance Tips To Prevent Untimely Burn-in

best plasma tv maintenance tips burn-inMaintaining a plasma TV is quite a simple and easy task keeping in view how carefully you do it. Some simple steps while watching, placing and the cleaning of your most favorite consumer appliance will keep many common ' mechanical ailments' at bay. Definitely, doing so will prevent an untimely and unwanted burn-in. Here we go !

Balanced Brightness : Try to maintain a perfect balance as far as the brightness level, while watching your plasma TV, is concerned. Using brightness level up to its maximum, most of the times, may invite burn-in. It is better not to use 'too' shiny' light bulbs and tubes in the TV room. They force you to keep your TV screen on a high brightness mode. Also, don't use the contrast setting to its extreme. Rather, keep it at a justified level to prevent burn-in.

Move It : When your plasma TV is quite new, it is better to avoid viewing a still photo for long. It brings untimely burn-in. Thus minimize using the 'pause' mode for a longer duration. Also shun playing video games on your plasma. However, if your TV set has grown older, an elongated duration of static image viewing bears no danger.

Deep Sleep : Experts always prescribe that a user of plasm a TV should not keep it on standby mode ever, rather he/she prefer to turn it off completely. Not only that the user may end up saving some energy, doing so will give the plasma TV a total rest too which allows the screen to maintain its efficiency for a longer period and keep the picture quality improved.

Careful Cleaning : While cleaning your plasma TV screen, first of all you should read out the users manual carefully. Only then you start cleaning as per instruction and use only trademark cleaning solutions which have pH neutral tag.

Use a new and clean piece of cotton cloth and clean your hands before and after cleaning the screen. Don't use paper to clean the screen. While cleaning don't allow the liquid to spill on any other part and keep the TV unplugged while you do the cleaning.Linkbest plasma tv maintenance tips burn-in

Place It Safely : Where you place your plasma TV also plays an effective and important role in the longevity of this consumer appliance. Keep it away from the direct exposure to the sunlight and fire. Thus refrain from placing it beside windows, fireplaces and other heating products. Moreover, get ensured that no dangerous amount of humidity is present around your TV. Avoid water and liquids to invade the safe zone. Don't place your refrigerator near it.

Elongated Watch : While you watch your plasma TV, be sure that you have watched your favorite program fully before you turn it off. Too many turn-offs followed by as many turn-ons will damage the internal mechanism of the screen leading to a degraded picture quality.

Shopnics.com : Redefining The Online Shopping Patterns

With the advent of consumer 2.0, the online marketers have realized that using celebrities to sell products, no way remains a fruitful affair. Thus they have generated some consumer 2.0 compatible approaches to get the desired result. The first and foremost such approach is to allow the users themselves to buy a product, irrespective of its type and size, after having a detailed study from various aspects.

Specifically, the implementation of this strategy is extremely unavoidable when the online buying/selling of electronics consumer appliances is concerned. Thus, the advent of some sites with special emphasis on 'compare product shopping' has provided the much needed help in the tapping of this unique consumer 2.0 behavior.

However, there are not many 'online shopping sites' dedicated exclusively to electronics products which helps you to pick your desired electronics product such as cameras, camcorders, laptops, cellphones, MP3 players etc, based on compare product shopping, rather than forcing you to buy things using the deceiving compare price shopping?

www.Shopnics.com is one of those sites. Technically, www.Shopnics.com works on the five most basic tendencies of modern consumers, especially the virtual and Gen Y buyer. Lets see where Shopnics stands as far as the following five rules of consumer 2.0 behaviour provided by Mr.Youth are concerned.

5 Most Basic Instincts Of Consumer 2.0 :

Least Respect To High Profile Brand Ambassadors : The consumer 2.0 seems to give no importance to the endorsed celebrities, rather he/she is looking for more authentic and scientific ways to find out an efficient electronics product.

Thus www.shopnics.com, as compare product shopping site, proves handy while choosing the right electronics product. The consumer 2.0 can evaluate a product on various parameters and importance scales which represent users need.

Loves To Create A Niche Of Own : You can't force a consumer 2.0 to buy a product without his/her consent as earlier. These days such consumer is more open to personal likes and dislikes. Thus this consumer 2.0 enjoys a niche of his/her own.

Thus www.Shopnics.com provide them an amazing platform to go through all pros and cons, and aspects, of a product from huge catalog of products before they actually pick up their buy. Here, the consumers get what they have in their minds.

Less Talking, More Discussion : The consumer 2.0 are willing to talk about a product in a few-word discourse rather than having a full length gossip. Thus they go online to look for the most filtered and refined product specifications and descriptions.

www.Shopnics.com helps a lot in doing the same as it gives a deep insight of the product merely using some graphs and one line descriptions. It is more powerful than the product reviews provided by many social networking shopping sites.

This sites also provides a way to tweet about the liked products and get feedbacks from users visiting twitter network. This site also provides the discussion to go on and around various social media like youtube, Amazon, Yahoo which helps a user to make quicker buying decision.

No To Brand, Yes To Personal Needs : The Consumer 2.0, comparatively more educated than preceding generations, believes in the needs and the proper usage of the products. So this consumer seems less gullible to the huge billboards and hoardings promoting big brands.

In this respect, www.Shopnics.com becomes helpful enough as it allows the consumer 2.0 to choose a product, not a brand, according to his/her own needs after a detailed evaluation as per various product parameters and corresponding importance scales.

They Decide The Value Of The Brand : The Consumer 2.0 discards the efforts of the manufacturer to promote its brand value. Rather, the consumer 2.0 believes in using, evaluating then giving his/her personal attributes to it.

A user of www.Shopnics.com too feels like making a brand of his own as the 'decision graph' on the site helps a lot to find a product as per the consumer's wishes , instead of falling prey to the names of a big brand. This site also provides the list of products which is similar or better to the selected product based on consumer's need and user can redefine his/her brand based on money for value.

www.Shopnics.com is a next generation 'comparison' shopping site, more focused on comparing the product which is quite aligned to the rules of consumer 2.0. As a seasoned user, I found this site an excellent place to go for electronic shopping.

'Green Realm' Expands : Green Lighting Components Take Over Empire State Building

Call it a recession led after-shocks or the ill-effects of ongoing global phenomenon of global warming and climate change, one thing is sure that 'going green' by Empire State Building, one of the most admired skyscrapers worldwide, will bear a long term effect on the mindset of all the global citizens, real estate stalwarts and technology experts.

By large, it seems to be a step to reduce the energy expenses on the first hand, but on the other it will play a big role, though at a small measure, substantially to inspires other countries and their leaders to take some urgent steps in this green direction.

Definitely, a simple shift in the usage of traditional lighting components patterns and an efficient window insulation will bring a change which can save us approximately 4.4 million US dollars a year. This should not be called less than a revolution in this 'polluted' conditions. This makeover plan will consume almost US$20 million.

Apart from this financial benefit, thanks to its green makeover the Empire State Building, which officiates 13,000 staffs, will emit carbon dioxide at an extremely low quantity. Thus the emission could be 105,000 tons less than normal, amazingly, in coming fifteen years. It will be possible by its sharp cut in its energy consumption by 38 percent.

However, switching over to 'green' lighting components is not the only step being taken into account to make this 102 storey-high New York landmark go green, There are many more scientific details are attributed to this innovative plan. Once Linkthis 'green project' is over, Empire State Building is expected to achieve a score of 90 as per ENERGY STAR standards, a score gifted to only 10 percent of all the skyscrapers worldwide.

For example, you will see a better management of solar heat while it creeps in or out of its 6,500 windows. The insulated glasses will prevent the unwanted loss or trespassing of heat in winter and summer, respectively. Thus there will be less load on air conditioners. The plan of an effective air ventilation too is underway.

The greening of this 77 year old Empire State Building is a very well planned and calculated step and has got some really 'big minds' behind this project. The most important step has been taken by the former president Bill Clinton whose Climate Initiative group is all set to give all types of financial assistance to make this 'green' dream come true.

Moreover, a global real estate services firm Jones Lang Lasalle will take care of this renovation plan of Empire State Building. Thus a team has been formed, under the supervision of Anthony E. Malkin, to make out the most feasible steps to come up with the best 'energy saving' results in a specified time period.

Geotag Your Vacations By Sony's GPS Camcorder HDR-TG5V

The phenomenon of collecting memories, while you visit exotic places as part of your vacations, has got a completely different twist. Thanks to HDR-TG5V, the latest compact handy cam with titanium exterior and GPS technology, launched by the electronics giant Sony.

This high-end, but small, HDR-TG5V camera has all we could only dream to have in such a tiny structure. It seems to be a bonsai edition of big-size video recorders. Not only that it contains features such as the ability to record videos at 1920X1080 apart from snapping 4 megapixel photos, HDR-TG5V has optical zoom of 20X too.

Storage Capacity :

The storage capacity of 16GB is more than efficient for even the most enthusiastic traveler on this planet. Amazingly, the photographic camera HDR-TG5V has an amazing capability of recording video footages for more than six hours at a stretch.

However, if still you find this memory capacity not sufficient enough, Sony has equipped this camera with a memory slot which accepts Memory Stick Pro Duo cards to give an enhanced data storage capacity.

Other Features :

Thus this digital video camera HDR-TG5V, apart from having a high-end video footage storage capacity, has got some other special features too such as; a 1/5-inch Exmor CMOS sensor, a super slow motion recording mode, smile shutter, image stabilization, built-in flash which make it a must to make your foreign tours a memorable one.

HDR-TG5V will cost you a hefty US$1,000. However, it is expected to come down once its shipping starts in May. Also it has a Dolby Digital stereo recording facility equipped with a built-in zoom microphone and innovative face detection system, apart from an efficient rechargeable battery and HDMI and USB 2.0 ports making it an affordable buy.

Main Feature :

The above described features of Sony's HDR-TG5V might be talking about its general features only, the reason why this camera stands out lies in its unique feature of being equipped with GPS technology and Navteq digital maps.

Thus, definitely, the first time in the history of small-size video recorders, you will be able to geotag your videos and photos. Moreover, you can see these geotagged data on the 2.7 inch LCD of the camera.