Cell Phone Stun Guns : The Best Companion Of A Working Woman

If you are a housewife and remain inside, most of the time, then there is nothing to fear, of course, most of the time. But you put your personal security at stake, all the time, when you happen to be a working woman. After all, the street-snatchers seem to be more interested in attacking a single woman, coming late in the nights, after a hard day's work, than anyone else.

Reports say that more than one-third of all the attacks by these robbers are carried out on women. And it is least important to say that the majority of such deadly attacks are targeted to working women. However, the administration tries its level best to make such working women a 'competent self defenders' by telling them to learn martial arts. But nothing works to tame those skilled criminals. Necessarily, they too are trained in those skills.

The Best One :

So, definitely, if such is the case, then there is nothing which can help you but a suitable, innovative and disguising cell phone stun gun. These are the best personal security products, a working lady must have to protect herself. A powerful cell phone stun gun, generating volts in millions, can be more than enough to stun the most powerful of snatchers.

Though, there are many types of stun guns, ranging from a mini stun gun to a standard-size stun gun, choosing a cell phone stun gun has always remained a wise step. Lets see how!

What Is This ?

A cell phone is the most useful and favored personal security product for a working woman. Its small size makes it completely invisible to a potential attacker, and you can easily stun him using this disguised cell phone stun gun, which generates almost 800,000- 900,000 volts.

Why Should I Buy It ?

The main advantage of a cell phone stun gun is that it never alerts the attacker in advance. Thanks to its small size, it successfully conceals its identity as it remains attached to keyring or belts etc. Thus the snatcher takes you lightly as an unarmed prey, only to get stunned after moments.

Most importantly, its small size has nothing to do with its efficiency. It remains as useful and accurate as any other stun gun. Rather it comes with a powerful shocking effect which immobilizes an attacker for few minutes till you make a safe distance or shout our for help.

Can I Kill Him ?

Though it proves to be a potent personal security product, it possess least risk to you and the attacker's life. Remember, it stuns only and doesn't kill, necessarily. It leaves an attacker in immense and intolerable pain making him restless. Thus his all efforts are wasted to make himself safe , as he feel like collapsing, rather than attacking you.

Moreover, such a shocking current hardly proves fatal for you. Thanks to its safe mechanism. Thus while giving him those electric shocks, you never feel a return-shock even if you are holding his limbs. Its use is pretty easy as the moment the attacker seems to launch any offensive, do nothing but make this cell phone stun gun touch the attacker and switch on the trigger. Here he goes unconscious. There you stand safe and unharmed.

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Amy Howard said...

I think that it is very cool that they are making stun guns to look like cell phones. I didn't know until now that you could get one in disguise.

Thanks for the information.

I do think that it is important to note that if you get something like this that it doesn't work when it is located inside your purse. You should have it available for use when you are out in the open.

Amy Howard