CCTV Market : The Reasons Behind Its Market Growth

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has been one of the rare innovations in the field of science and technology. Probably, it is the only scientific invention which operates with no known side effects unlike TV which has caused many diseases. Obesity, eyestrain and creativity loss can only be few amongst them.

Though CCTV is being used for many purposes, since it came into its form. It is one of the most suitable device used to control the workforce within the courtyard of a company and to keep a vigil on work process.

Apart from being used in factories, it is constantly used in banks, hospitals and almost all the corporate offices. Further, it is used to control traffic systems worldwide. Also it has proved very helpful to come up with many accurate and right decisions during many sports event.

Thus this versatile use of CCTV has made it one of the most sought after safety and security device in the market. The market has seen some certain surges and has kept thriving constantly.

However, what has given the demand of CCTV a great height is the rising global security concern. With the rise in terrorist strikes worldwide, it seems unimaginable to see a place without a CCTV. Its implementation helps a lot to curb these menaces and post-strike investigations.

Hence, the global manufactures of CCTV have taken it as a chance to speed up its sell. The global CCTV market has seen a significant growth of around 25% in last two years(2006-2008). By the starting of the next decade(2011-2012), it is expected to rise by 26-28%, more or less.

Though the most of the CCTV market, as much as 84-86%, is covered by major European countries, the BRIC countries( Brazil, Russia, India, China) are one of the biggest emerging players in the production and use of this technological security device.

The other active producer and consumer of CCTV are Japan, Malaysia, Australia etc. The manufactures are coming with more user-friendly and technologically advanced Closed Circuit Televisions. They can filter the desired information easily thanks to the many powerful software being used in them. One of them is Intelligent Video Surveillance System which is equipped with such software.

Know Your Age : Computer Software Turns Age-teller

The woes of misreading someone's age may soon be over, if you go according to a professor of electrical and computer engineering at University of Illinois, with the help of a software.

The professor, Thomas S. Huang says,"Age-estimation software is useful in applications where you don't need to specifically identify someone but would like to know their age."

After a wide and comprehensive research, the software engineers have come up with this pathbreaking software.

Definitely, not only it will be a sort of fun for adventure seekers, the inherent age-forecasting ability of this software will help to maintain law and order too. Seems bizarre!

Amazingly enough, this software will help to keep the teenagers away from porn sites and other adult contents found online or on computers. The computer will simply read the various facial patterns of a particular user and based on the data collected, it will decide the authenticity of a user. If a teenager found, the computers will resist browsing porn.

Moreover, using the same process, it will also keep in check, the illegal purchasing of drinks and tobacco products by minors from vending machines. Also, this software will help to stop the unlawful entry of teenagers to a pub or a bar.

It is equipped with age-recognition algorithms. This algorithms will trace the age of someone facing the computer.

The software includes a database of 1,600 faces based on three modules- face detection, discriminative manifold learning and multiple linear regression. This huge database comprised of the minute details of so many faces makes it efficient to predict someone's age with somewhat stunning accuracy.

The age-range it uses for the predictions is also quite wide as it tells the age of someone who is anywhere between one year to 93. The prediction accuracy of this software is good, near about 50 percent, when it is given an assignment to predict within a band of five years.

While it gives stunning results with 80 percent accuracy rate, when given an age-band within 10 years.

Though it may be unable to give 100 percent result as far as accuracy is concerned, it is still a great innovation in itself keeping in view how tough it is to predict someone's age. According to Eurekalerts, “Estimating someone's age is not an easy task, even for a computer. That's partly because the ageing process is determined not only by a person's genetic makeup, but by many other factors as well, including health, location and living conditions.”

However, flagbearers of moral-policing may ask why a commoner's age should be revealed against his/her will. For this Huang says, “All of this can be done without violating anyone's privacy. Our software does not identify specific individuals. It just estimates their ages."

Further, it may also help to prepare a survey report about the consumer concentration on a particular product at a particular store. For example, it may tell us which music CD was liked by teenagers out of many releases during a specified period or what are the gadgets they are running after.

Launching Diver Detection Sonar : A Detection System For a Cause

The ongoing Monaco Yacht Show has to show something more than those classic and beautiful yachts. At this show, Sonardyne System International Ltd, the global leader in subsea acoustic navigation designing and manufacturing, has come up with a latest diver detection system.

The manufacturing company which has its headquarter in England terms it as technologically advanced and something capable of showing high performance. This Sonar system is added with highly advanced software. This software enables this detection system to track and classify the approaching intruders with great ease.

Also, the software used can send alert messages in form of text messages or pre-recorded voice messages to any related staff much before any damage is done to the yacht.

This Sentinel sonar is kept hanging under water while it remains attached to the yacht. The moment it detects an approaching diver, let him/her come from any of the four sides, it sends alert messages to the crew.

Much to the comfort, it is equipped with the ability to detect a diver or swimmer from a long distance. This gives enough time to the crew to make out a way to prevent the fatal collision. Moreover, it takes no time to get activated as the moment the yacht creeps into water, the sentinel system gets back to its work and starts functioning.

Interestingly, the inspirational technology behind this innovation is none other than the US Navy itself. The US navy for long has been using Integrated Swimmer Defence System to detect such kind of unwanted approaches around its ships.

This underwater protection system is being hailed as the first of its kind. Ross Gooding of Sonardyne says, “It is the first system to combine small size with exceptional performance that comes from having been designed specifically for the task of creating an underwater protective screen around vessels such as superyachts.”

Definitely, it is one of the most ultra-sophisticated and advanced detection systems which is well equipped to give 100 percent success rate. Amazingly, not only that it is capable of tracing approaching entities from a safe length, it can differentiate between things such as divers, fish, and other small crafts etc.

Further, it is being said that it is not a product of hybrid-culture, instead it is something very unique and is boasted to be designed specifically in order to make a superyacht safe and sound.

Some special features of Sentinel Sonar Head :-

Need Of Power Connectors With Better System Airflow

The more the modern networking systems, data storage systems and servers are becoming efficient and powerful,the more they are generating heat. This brings some unwanted damage and reduction in efficiency.

In order to keep their workability on a track, making of well equipped power connectors is need of the hour. A well-optimized power connector would be able to allow more airflow in the systems. Also it needs to be optimized in such a way that it could be able to deal with high current.

The manufacturers of power connectors are trying their hands to come up with a better solution. Michael Bean, product manager, Molex's Connector Products Division said, “What's driving the demand for more power in any system is the silicon--there is more of it, and with lower voltages...You need a greater wattage power supply and that translates into much higher current being transferred from the power supply into your system.”

Definitely, when he said this, things like achieving higher performance was on his mind. Further, these power connectors would be able to save extra energy and would lead to reduced money expenditures.

The fresh idea to initiate a makeover of power connectors needs a complete overhaul of all the aspects. The manufacturers are planning to have a look on certain things like the size of connectors, thermal assistance, copper weight etc.

The specific designs of these power connectors would enable them to have better power densities. Also the design would allow the air to move more freely inside the systems.

Extreme LHPPower Connector, a product of Molex is one of this latest trend. It takes up 53 percent less space than other conventionally made connectors. It's only 7.5 mm high and the power blades allow large volume of air intake.

New Media Server Technology by MediaMerge

MediaMerge just launched a unique and efficient media server at a trade show at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City,NJ. This media sever is called ShowSource™3D.

This ultra advanced product is too versatile and multi-functional while serving. Alongwith working as a multi-channel digital sound service, it is also equipped with a high-definition 3D video playback. Further, it comes with a built-in theater automation system. This system is regulated by a wireless touch-screen interface.

By many it is being considered as one of the most optimized and technologically advanced media server. The operations it can execute can be unparalleled as there is no such a media server available in the market which can have so many features.

Basically, this turn-key media sever is suitable for giant-screen cinemas."When theaters began approaching us about developing new products for the giant screen industry,” said Ken McKibben, the president of MediaMerge. “We realized there was a real need for the type of creativity and experience we could bring to the table."

This introduction of this multi-functional media server is the most equipped system integration launch of the company in almost last ten years.

As Ken McKibben himself said, "We've had a lot of success providing systems integration services in other markets for almost a decade, and as the world's largest third-party SPP service provider for IMAX Theaters, we've got a really unique perspective on how to solve their problems."

The system uses non-proprietary hardware as a cost-saving measure. The real craftsman behind this mediaserver is Tim Ogletree. He was given an assignment to make a possibility, a system which could cater to the various needs of a giant cinema screen.

No Compressors in Future Refrigerators

According to the researchers of Pennsylvania State University, the refrigerators with compressors will be things of history in near future.

Their research includes the use of ferroelectric polymers which are capable to lower the temperature around.

These polarpolymers which have been used in testing include poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) and poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) chlorofluoroethylene.

These ferroelectric polymers show significant temperature changes in room temperatures. Hence, the cooling will take place through magnetic field refrigeration. However, electricity is still a better option.

"This is the first step in the development of an electric field refrigeration unit," said Qiming Zhang, a professor of electrical engineering. "For the future, we can envision a flat panel refrigerator. No more coils, no more compressors, just solid polymer with appropriate heat exchangers."

The future design of compressor-free refrigerator works, when kept in an electrical field, on turning the disorganized polarpolymer into and organized one. When the disorganized molecules of polarpolymer come in the direct contact of electricity, they start getting organized.

Their concentration results into the dispersion of heat. Thus the material becomes cooler. But this process is not permanent as the molecules suddenly get disordered the moment the passage of electricity is blocked. As a result, the material goes hot.

In this method, the experts estimated a difference of 22.6 degrees Fahrenheit (12.5 degree Celsius) between the highest and lowest temperatures. According to experts, by using a suitable heat exchanger and the repetitive randomizing and rearranging of the material we can get a wide range of heating and cooling temperatures.

This future cooling system is said to be environment friendly. Because, unlike gasses used in today's cooling devices, the polymer doesn't seem to be affecting the environment negatively.

Electronica : The Greatest Electronics Trade Fair

Electronica, an exclusive trade fair of electronics industry, with more than 3,000 registered global exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from around the world is set to unveil its 23rd edition in German city Munich in November this year.

This famous biennial trade fair of electronic components, systems and applications has been regarded by many as the biggest electronics trade fair on the planet. It is famous for electronics industry specifications and its innovations related to its industry type.

Hundreds of experts involve in conferences and execute their wide spectrum of knowledge related the electronics field. Also, a number of industry forums deal with various aspects of technological evolutions and details.

However, the most exciting segments of this trade fair is its focus areas. These areas put special emphasis and focus on the latest technological entries. To allow all these activities happen efficiently ans effectively, a piece of land measuring about 1,636.000 square feet is used.

For its grandness and its unmatched global appeal, it is the most favorite business promotion hub for every professional related to electronics industry. Since 1964, this trade fair has been taking place and it is successfully organized every two years.

Electronica has remained one the key trade fair out of almost 40 trade fairs organized by much-trusted trade fair company Messe M√ľnchen International (MMI, Munich Trade Fairs International Group). For a note, this trade fair association organizes trade fairs not only in Germany but it successfully holds many electronic trade fairs in countries like China, India, Brazil etc.

A visitor, in order to save him/herself from on-venue troubles, can take the benefits of online registration facility. It promises a special pass and a saving of 20% of total cost compared to the registration done at the venue of Electronica.

Unified Communications – Helping to Integrate

A company, especially a small one, suffers a lot spending too much of money on its basic communication system. They are always supposed to use separate PBXs, various phone equipments, a number of trunk lines. This leads to extra expenditures on an already low-running organization.

However, they could get a great solution in form of unified communications. This communication software helps to save not only money but a lot of time too.

The installation of unified communications ensures enough to combine and integrate the company's whole data, videos and voice transactions, that too on a single network.

Needs no additional experts: As the whole of the data processing and other electronic activities can be done on a same network, it needs no additional experts of telecommunication. The existing workforce will suffice.

Uses existing hardwares for security:
Though it becomes vulnerable to hackers, still its security can be tightened using certain tools. The existing hardwares like network switches and routers can be used for further enhancement of security. Interestingly, the security installation doesn't demand extra money.

Multi-functionality: It can be used for various functions like fax transaction, e-mailing, voice messaging etc. that too from a single mail box.

Multimedia active: A user can send and receive a series of photos, video clips etc with minimum errors.

Interaction efficient: It allows the work personals working in the same company to interact easily. This easy mode of interaction enables them to make schedules, planning etc. of upcoming and urgent activities.

Quick communication: The users can use it for other quick communication purposes such as paging, instant messaging, conferencing etc.

Minimizing Errors: Its ultra-efficiency in handling data transaction prevents it from committing too much of errors.

Futuristic approach: The unified communications is always flexible and are made keeping in view the future. In case latest technologies come in, the software only needs simple upgradings.

Facts and Tips to Buy Fax Machines

A potential buyer of fax machines needs to consider a lot of factors, extensively, before ensuring the best buy. The features like; its print quality, its efficiency, the price tag and the speed it operates with are only few of them to be considered.

The list of considerations can be long one. Here is a sincere attempt to help out any buyer of fax machines. The tips mostly depend on the facts what one should expect of the fax machines.

User Friendly: The simpler the functions are the easier it is to be used. The simple operational system saves time and avoids confusion.

Shades and colors: The best machine is that machine which can ensure the maximum shades( sixty four) of gray to all printed documents. Many machines can give color prints too, but at a high cost.

Determining image quality: Most of the good machines give a buyer options to determine the image quality one receives. The best machine can print a single image in four different qualities.

Paper Storing Capacity: The best fax machine has a bigger paper storage tray. It prevents the sudden run-out of the papers. Also it can store a number of incoming documents.

Memory: If the quantum of the daily transmission is high, then the fax machine should need no less than 3.5-5.0 megabytes of memory for an enhanced function. The extra-memory helps to store the incoming information when the machine runs out of paper.

Modem Speed: The modem speed, according to the standards, should be at least 33.6. Anything lesser will hamper outgoing and incoming transmissions of the documents.

Sound Technology: Many machines come with integrated digital devices. They can have functions like; speaker phones, auto redialing and polling etc. A better technologically equipped machine is capable to enlarge or reduce a copy size efficiently. Many hi-tech fax machines come with features like delayed transmission etc.

Machine type describes print quality and expenses:
Buying a film-cartridge fax machine may prove cheaper, but leads to a “feel bad” print quality. Though investing a little more in an ink jet fax machine can get a comparatively better print. However, buying a laser fax machine can burn some holes in the pocket but lead to some glossy prints.

Samsung Printers To De-stress The Users

Famous for its wonderful innovations, Samsung Electronics has launched a couple of qualitative compact printers which are not only cost effective but they are here to lessen the work stress in the office too.

These mono laser printers, ML-1640 and ML-2240 , have been made, according to Samsung officials, especially for home based offices.

Madhav Narayan, general manager, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “Samsung understands the challenges that businesses face in an increasingly competitive environment, and have developed a range of intelligent total printing solutions to meet business users’ most pressing needs.”

As he says, these office automation products are loaded with many features to serve a user in the most possible ways. Their optimized mechanism can give a noiseless printing, that too at a great speed. Hence, these features make these printers most effective for low budget offices and home-based users.

Not only that they are here to execute printing efficiently, they are beautifully colored as well. The ML-2240 comes in black and grey finish, while the ML-1640 looks sleek black.

Their paper tray dispensers can hold 150 sheets at a time which prevent a user from early re-stocking. Further, the ML-2240 has an output capacity of 22ppm, while ML-1640 can print as much as 16 pages per minute. These features help a lot to save time in an already busy office.

The latest models are told to be too cost effective. Both models come with “ Toner Save” buttons on them. They are capable of saving more or less 30 percent of toner. Definitely, this feature will help a lot to save cost and toner.

Moreover, the “Error LED” on these printers help a user to deal with the printer problems easily and quickly. This results in less disturbances in the office related operations.

Apart from causing minimized troubles in the office, they have the added features to help a user reduce the noise factor immensely. To the much comfort of users, these two printers, ML-1640 and ML-2240 can work producing noise of 50 decibels and 51decibles only.

Switch off Incandescent Bulbs, Switch On CFL

Many science led inventions and discoveries provided us with great relief and relaxation. However, the same innovations, gifted their negatives also, though being projected as boons for mankind. The traditional light bulb can be the best suitable example.

The traditional light bulbs or incandescent bulbs despite helping the world come out of darkness, have threatened, constantly, to add continuous menaces to an already on-the-edge eco-system.

For long the scientists and technologists had been in search of its alternative. After some some trials, they came up with CFL's or compact fluorescent lamps, as said in full.

Though their explicit advantages are very much visible, the peoples' indifference towards their usage has lessen their potential contribution in making this world a better place.

Almost 12-15 percent of world's electricity is consumed to provide sufficient light. Ironically, a major share of the energy assigned to the lighting purpose is irrationally consumed by those inefficient traditional light bulbs.

Hence, their increased usage, due to booming infrastructures around the world, has led to nothing but climate destruction, global warming and paralyzed eco-system.

The traditional light bulbs' irrational energy-gobbling capacity, and more irrational ability of too-dim light production are evidences more than enough to force any responsible citizen to abandon their useage.

For example; according to a study, an incandescent bulb converts only 4-5 percent of consumed energy into light. Surely, a complete wastage! However, a CFL, if used, can produce the same quantum of light saving more than 80% percent of energy.

Moreover, their life span is more than 8-10 times longer than any ordinary bulb. Definitely, it can be a best buy as it not reduces only the global warming dangers, it minimizes the holes in your pockets too.

The countries like Canada and Australia have initiated various programs to persuade people to switch to the use of CFL's. Last year, Paris saved almost 60-70 percent of light on Christmas while the lighting of Champs-Elysee, when they used these modern light bulbs.