Latest Home Dehumidifier By Panasonic : Dries More Than Your Room

If you are handed over something which not only dries up your room quickly, but dries up your just washed clothes with an electric speed too, probably you would be happier than normal, wouldn't you?

Also, definitely, you would love something which can remove the foul smell completely found in your clothes and in-home atmosphere caused by imbalanced humidity. Moreover, it can also get you rid of all the allergens which cause a havoc around you.

This is possible because it has got a filter made of anti-bacteria enzyme and super alleru-buster and has got two-way air outlets which keep balancing the internal temperature.

And this 'something' is nothing but the recently launched, almost a fortnight ago, Panasonic dehumidifier. This is called F-YHC12X and aims to put all your 'dry' woes to an end. Amazingly, this consumer appliance works with almost double efficiency. It measures 54cm by 34 cm by 21cm.

Unlike the older dehumidifiers which dried, or dry, not more than two pounds of clothes, this latest household appliance by Panasonic can dry upto 4-4.5 pounds of clothes taking not more than 55 minutes only. Definitely, you are not going to lose something which is twofold effective and a product of efficient hybrid technology.

Most importantly, it will fit comprehensively into your energy saving plans. Its humidity sensor keeps a continuous tab on the clothes and as soon as it senses no moisture inside, it stops working ensuring no extra energy consumption. Thus you get your clothes saved from getting deteriorated too.

Moreover, it works according to the amount of internal temperature, moisture and humidity. Thus it can modulate its efficiency as per the need. So its 'drying' ability is proportionate to the moisture found in the clothes and the room.

Finally, it is again up to you only as how you are to bring this HK$3,680 Panasonic dehumidifier in this blood soaking phase of global recession.

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