Multiple Tips To Buy A Multifunction Printer

The phase of economic depression has done something positive, indeed. Those who run their small-scale offices have turned more saving-friendly. They are devising latest and unique methods of effective cost-cutting.

So if you are one of those who want to save the maximum, then you need to start from basics. Start from choosing the best office automation products. Go out to grab a multifunction printer. It will help you to make the most of your plans. How?

Buying a multifunction printer can be a boon to your business. For fun part, it can be your new saving account or a piggy bank. It will help you a lot to reduce costs and office expenses.Surely, a machine which works not only as a copier, printer or scanner but also helps you in receiving and sending the faxes can be no less than a boon. However, you need to be a bit careful while buying your printer.

Choose Your Technology : Like any conventional printer, also a multifunction printer comes either with laser technology or inkjet technology. It is upon you which one to choose. Remember, the inkjet multifunction printers are the most suitable printers for low-scale businesses.

Paper-holding Capacity : As you need to get printouts too frequently, the paper capacity of the printer must be sufficient. Choose a printer which can hold 200-250 sheets in its paper feeder.

See The Speed : Choosing a printer which prints documents at a greater speed is a clever step. It really minimizes your office expenses. A good multifunction printer must print 20-30 pages per minute.

Memory Matters : This too depends upon the type of business you carry. A printer with a memory capacity of 6-8 MB is adequate enough for a small business holder.

Easy Integration and Installation : Your new multifunction printer needs to be efficient enough to get connected to the existing network easily. So don't forget to ask for the user manuals or software which help you to install and integrate your printer with minimum effort.

Helping Wizards : Also a reliable printer is one which can guide you successfully when you face troubles while operating it. Thus look out how helpful are the inbuilt wizards which guide you step by step when you need troubleshooting. Also it helps in upgrading process.

User Friendly : As it is a multifunction printer, its operation becomes more complex. So you need to grab a product which is easily usable. The switches, well guided indications and signs describing the effortless use of the printer make it more user friendly.

Made for Multiple Users : A multifunction printer must be equipped to be used by multiple users at a single point of time . As there are no separate scanners and copiers, many people would want to use it synchronously. So there should be the feature of wireless connectivity so it can be used by multiple users accordingly.

LCD Screen : A less equipped printer needs a PC to get the photos printed. As you need to reduce costs drastically, you need to buy a multifunction printer which comes with a big LCD screen. Thus you will not require a PC.

Tips Buying Plasma TV

An LCD TV works better when you are well satisfied with a smaller screen, but the things won't be interesting enough when you need a screen as big as 42 inches or even a bigger one. So you will have no choice but to buy a plasma TV.

However, my recommendation to buy a plasma flat panel is not a forceful option. There is a train of benefits, as you will come to notice, once you get to buy this household appliance. Have a look at the following reasons:

Self-illuminating Color Display : The color display of a plasma TV screen is much more attracting. It is a treat to watch. When you compare the color quality of a plasma TV with the color projection of an LCD panel, the basic difference lies in the use of the self-illuminated phosphors. Thus the color quality produced by such illuminated phosphors seems much improved and original and far nearer to reality.

Much Enhanced Black Levels : Unlike LCD, the reproduction of black levels in a plasma is far better. Thus the much improved black levels allow us feel a better depth in the picture quality. It is so because the plasma screen reduces the gray levels drastically and comes up with a better color management.

Improved Viewing Angles : You will see no difference in the contrast levels, of a plasma screen, irrespective of the viewing angle you use while watching TV programs. On the contrary, the contrast levels of an LCD screen is severely affected, marring the picture quality, when you start moving to its right or left.

Faster Response Times Bring Quality : Unlike LCD panels which have slower response times, the faster response times of a plasma panel brings much clarity and quality to the pictures. A fast response time minimizes or wipes away completely unwanted trails or irritating shadows on the screen making the pictures clearer and lovelier.

Plasma Comes Cheaper : While buying big screen TVs, opting for a plasma flat panel is a clever step in terms of money. They come at much cheaper rate as compared to an LCD TV of big screens.

Big Is Better : If you believe that whatever comes big is better than all, then nothing is more suitable entertainment appliance for you than a plasma panel. In fact, only bigger plasma flat panels look good and exciting.

No More Burn-in Issues : The improved and advanced technology has reduced the burn-in problems in plasma TVs. So it is no longer a major obstacle if you plan to buy a plasma. Coming technology will bring completely burn-in free plasma panels.

Energy-efficient : Bringing in a plasma flat panel will eventually help you to end up spending less on energy consumption. A plasma panel is much more energy efficient than an LCD. It saves somewhere around 30 percent of energy.

Celebrating 2009 : Light Decorations For New Year

The moment the Christmas celebrations come to an end, you suddenly get engaged in the preparations to welcome the new year. The light decoration of your home has gone completely trendy. Thus look out for all the latest ways to light up your home this new year. After all your home should look at its best once it is night.

The real mantra to make this year's light decoration is to do it inexpensive way. That is why, gone are the days when we used to decorate our home with traditional light bulbs or tube lights. Now, you will find LEDs, paper lamps and solar lamps to make your light decoration more cost-effective and dazzling than ever.

Also, you must agree that all the different parts of your home hold their individuality. As the relevance of your dinning hall is relatively different from the importance of your drawing room or outer walls, so keeping their individual importance in the mind, lets find out what are the most important lighting components to decorate them.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs : First of all, you should start with basics. After all, at this time of global market slump there is no better way to save your power bill than buying a LED bulbs. Their much improved energy efficient quality has made them most suitable substitute of incandescent bulbs. They will help you save more than 80 percent of energy you spent so far on light bulbs. Though commonly expensive, these bulbs have gone cheaper comprehensively all because of financial downfall. So you end up saving a lot, indeed.

Paper Lighting For Drawing Rooms : There is nothing more suitable than flooding your drawing room with paper lighting. Instead of using naked light bulbs, you can use them to give your drawing room a completely different mystique touch. The modern designers have come far away from designing simple and traditional looking paper lightings such as paper lamps. Now, you can have a series of designs resembling flying kites, suspended airplanes, semi-naked women and a lot more.

Solar Lamps For Outer Decoration : This is another example of evolution in the light decoration at the times of cost-cutting. Now you will get rid of the huge amount of money you spared to light up your garden, driveway etc. As using solar lamps for the outdoor decoration will save a lot of electricity. Grab some designs, especially meant for the new year decorations in the stores. There is no dearth of designs and models as all the famous brands have come up with their products.

Candle Style Chandeliers For Dinning Rooms : The dinning room is the place which speaks a lot about your personal style, elegance and aesthetic touch. So it needs to be careful while choosing a perfect style as this is what a guest notices as soon as he/she enters. So choose a beautiful shade suitable according to the interiors of the dinning room. The famous shades are onyx style candle shade, real paraffin wax shade, resin candle shade, dripping wax shade etc. The type of shade you choose may have its say on the tiers of your candle style chandelier.

Wall Sconces For Your Hallway : Now shed all the fears related to your elongated and dark hallway. Also shed the use of merely light bulbs to illuminate it. Rather there is one thing in the market which will not only enlighten the hallway but decorate it too at its best. Go and grab some wall sconces and hang them all through the walls of hallway.

5 HDTV Accessories You Can't Get Entertained Without

Buying an HDTV can be only one side of the coin. You can proudly say that you are a proud owner of the most technologically advanced “idiot box.” However, you might find yourself far away from getting fully entertained as you would have expected while bringing in your most lovable consumer appliance.

To make your HDTV and completely fine tuned entertainment appliance, you need to add some valuable accessories to it. Once you got them attached to your TV, you will find a much enhanced audio-visual quality which would be more than enough to make watching TV no less than a magical experience.

So the following lines have all what you want to know about some important HDTV accessories. Have a look!

Home-theater Receivers : Getting high-definition audio tracks are too much important to make watching HDTV a pleasing event. For this you need to buy a high-end home-theater receiver. If you buy a low-end receiver, it fails to detect such audio signals and gives you visuals only. Thus you need to buy an extra audio cable. Too many cables make your TV table messy. So buy an HDMI audio equipped receiver.

Surround-sound Speakers : You could be using some good speakers attached to your HDTV, but you could feel the difference a surround-sound speaker makes only when you use it. Some highly advanced surround-sound speakers come with no cables with them. They have inbuilt surround-sound decoding devices which enhance the quality of audio signals after receiving them from your HDTV. Surround-sound speaker which come with 15-20 speakers gives you maximum effect.

Blue-ray Disc Player : Apart from watching baseball on your HDTV, it has been always a bliss to watch videos using a blue-ray disc player. A blue-ray disc player which gives output in bitstream format will give the best video picture quality.

Digital-video Recorder : You need to record some shows so you can have them with you forever. Thus a digital-video recorder comes to help. Some advanced digital-video recorders come with eSATA ports. They are capable of recording high-definition signals with much ease.

HDMI and Component Cables : The use of HDMI and component cables is a common issue. Without them, it would be impossible to receive high-definition signals. So what is the fuss about their use? The concern is that you may end up buying some costly stuffs. That is why, I recommend you to buy some inexpensive cables. They minimize the holes in your pockets. Also there is hardly any difference between the services of inexpensive and costly cables.

The Need Of Outdoor HDTV Antennas

Buying an HDTV antenna is the most feasible step you can take after you have brought in a new HDTV, because there is no need to add further to you expenses during these economically depressed times.

So make a quick call to your cable TV provider and inform him that you are no more interested to receive his services. Definitely, there is no need to continue with him when you can receive free HDTV broadcasts using this very useful communication equipment.

However, before buying such an antenna you need to take care of some points. Hopefully. You will follow the next few lines which can, which I am sure of, help you bring in the best product available in the market.

Whether you need to buy an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna, completely depends on area your home is located at. If the broadcast tower stands nears your home with very few things such as tall buildings to disrupt the signals then you can buy an indoor HDTV antenna.

Moreover, those living far away from towers or those living too close to a tower but there come numerous obstacles in between, then there is nothing better than an outdoor antenna. However, it doesn't mean that if you are too close to a TV tower then you don't have a right to buy an outdoor antenna.

It is always believed, whatever the conditions can be, you should opt for an outdoor antenna. Why? Here are the answers -

1. They give you best signals as there are immune to all type of disturbances. They give you the best picture quality and live no room for disturbed signals.

2. Contrary to the popular belief that an outdoor antenna can be placed on the rooftop only, there are some models which can be hung on the walls of your courtyard, railings, windows etc.

3. They come in varied sizes so there is no need to worry. You can choose an antenna based upon your needs. One thing more! Whatever size you choose, you will always get the same quality of picture.

The famous manufacturers and suppliers of HDTV antenna are Antennacraft, Antennas Direct, Channel Master etc.

Netbooks : Cool And Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, the netbooks have turned out to be a bizarre gift item. The consumers' unusual rise of interest towards them had caused their sales flying like anything. On one hand, because of global market slump, the sales of desktops and laptops has dived to some new lows, the ever-growing sales of netbooks seem to give a much needed boost and balance to computing appliances industry.

Netbooks, termed by many as mini notebooks, have made latest inroads into the schoolbags and backpacks of students. Interestingly, they prefer it to their heavy notebooks(don't mistake them as laptops). Thus the parents have no option but to buy their children a netbook instead of heavy desktops of bigger laptops.

Even the parents seem to learn a lesson from their offspring. It might be the first time in history when parents are trying to fill in their children's shoes. They are denying themselves conventional computers for their professional use and making a beeline to grab a beautiful and easy-to-carry netbook.

Though these netbooks are not as efficient as a conventional desktop or a laptop, remember they comprise very few features, buying something at a price less than half of a desktop is not a risky deal. After all it can cater to the all basic necessities successfully.

However, the crazy success story of netbooks was hardly remarkable when it was launched. The customers had shut their doors completely to those primary netbooks. After all, who likes to operate a crap with a screen measuring only 7 inches? Though you were required to pay around $300 only.

Thus the manufacturers, learning from the previous mistakes, have flooded the stores this festive season with netbooks with a screen bigger by two to three inches. Even the price is not going to burn some holes in your pockets. You need to pay not more than $400. One thing more! Unlike the very previous models, the new products can run the versions of Windows.

Statistically, it has left behind not only the desktops and laptops, the much hyped Apple's iPhones are distant runner up. DisplaySearch, a market survey agency, reported that sales of netbooks grew by 160% at the end of third quarter. More clearly, 5.6 million netbooks were sold, in that period, as compared to the sale of 4.7 million iPhones.

IDC Reports PC Market Will Creep All Through 2009

According to IDC, a research agency, the personal computers market will dive to new lows and may experience sudden halts and jolts,in 2009, thanks to the ongoing global phenomena of market crashes.

IDC reported in its press release recently that “IDC expects worldwide PC shipments to grow just 3.8% in 2009 with shipment value falling by 5.3%. This is considerably slower than second quarter projections of 13.7% growth in units and 4.5% in shipment value. The outlook for full year 2008 and 2010 have each been lowered a couple percent to 12.4% and 10.9%, respectively, with growth above 12% for 2011 and 2012.”

Though the ongoing 2008 is not going to be hit severely by this slump, as it has witnessed a growth of 12.4%, a close look on the IDC's market prediction says that sales would be lowest in 2009 in last seven years. According the report, the US PC market will see a dip of 2.9% while the global PC market will crash down to a growth rate of 3.8% from last year's 12.4%.

However, 2010 and its following years will bring some relief to the PC market holders. The PC sales in the US will see a slight growth of 2.4%, 4.4% and 4.6% in 2010, 11 and in 2012 respectively. Amazingly, the global story of PC sales will be fascinating, comparing to the US, in those years. It will see a growth of 10.9%, 12.6% and 12.9% in those years respectively.

Unfortunately, the desktop market would be the worst sufferer. The desktop sale, in the US, will hit some erratic lows of 7.0%, 12.9% and 7.8% in 2008, 2009 and in 2010 respectively. However, the global desktop sale will surge by 6.7% in 2009. Fortunately, the reports says that desktop sales will recover from that slump gradually after 2009, gloally.

Much to the relief, the other segments of the PC world such as netbooks and laptops will remain unaffected by this financial crash. IDC expects a growth of 15.6%, 6.7% and 10.7% in 2008, 2009 and in 2010 respectively, in the US. The global trend is more than satisfying with a growth rate of 35.1%, 15.2% and 19.5% in those three years.

Six Most Purposeful Christmas Gifts For Your Family

Guess what your loved ones are eagerly waiting for this Christmas. Well.. It could be dresses and parties as you might easily count on your finger-tips.

But there is something more they might be craving for. Of course, this something in nothing but a cool and technologically advanced gadget which could serve to their needs.

Definitely, you too are in a mood to bring a change in the taste of your gifting habit. Naturally, you want to escape from gifting books, computers etc. However, you must ensure that whatever you are planning to buy must come with a purpose.

So Wait Not! Before making a trip to the gift stores to look for the best gadgets have a look at the following list of the hottest and most liked Christmas gadgets which come with a purpose.

Digital Film Scanner : While cleaning the shelves, last month, you suddenly discovered the album full of images of your parents' marriage. As you want to gift them something surprising, there could be nothing of that sort if you manage to convert these photographs into digital ones. Just buy a digital film scanner and gift it to your parents alongwith the old album. This easy to operate machine will change the whole photo album into jpeg images.

Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku : Researches say that solving Sudoku puzzles improve the brain function and boosts memory. So what could be a better Christmas gift than this to your aging parents and your grand parents. The touchscreen makes it easy to use and full of fun. Hopefully, the engaging 81 squares on a Sudoku screen will give them thousands of stress-free moments only in a single day.

Portable ATM Machine : This gadget would teach the role of digital piggy bank to your kids. What an idea to buy them one of this kind this Christmas so they can learn to manage money! The best tool to make them understand the importance of saving during the acute global marketslump. Your kids will learn how to deposit and withdraw money using PIN numbers all at the home only. It handles bills and coins both.

Nokia N96 Mobile Phone : This one is for you. Though Nokia N97 is already in the market, you can still opt for N96. The reason behind choosing the second to latest model is quite simple. It is well tested and fulfills all the needs of a gadget freak. Another, it has gone cheaper too. It is a fun to watch movies on a 2.8 inch screen. Its 16 gigabytes memory is the next luring reason.

Electronic Backpack : A completely unmatchable backpack. How often do you hear about backpacks keeping in view your children's entertainment values. Buy your kids a stuff like this if they are planning to have an excursion after Christmas. Not only soft drinks, they can stuff their backpacks with media players, iPods and other entertainment appliances.

Waterproof iPod Case : Now your wife can dare to make her swimming session more musical than ever. The waterproof iPod case, attached with MP3 Players Headphone, will allow her to jump into water without any worry of getting her costly iPod water drenched. So tell her to plug the headphones into the ears and let the water dance to her music.

Advanced Optical Communication Components By Intel

The highly advanced optical communication made of silicon, by Intel, is set to change our perception related to the ways we used to see the process of computer data transfer. It is being termed as one of the wonderful innovations in the field of computer data transfer,

The company describes this products as an effort to bring in a drastic reduction in the cost while transmitting computer data. Not only cost cut, but it will accelerate the rate of data transfer to a speed not experienced so far.

The researchers, at Intel, combined germanium with silicon, the cheapest material used to make computer chips, only to come up with a product named as “avalanche photo detector.” When tested, its data transfer performance was no less than a “world record.”

The innovation, a by-product of silicon, may soon bring an end to the use of highly expensive materials like indium phosphide while making optical communication equipments. Because, according to the experts it performed miles ahead of its contemporary reigning counterparts.

Though this innovation is being challenged by many other brands, Intel, on its part, is busy presenting research papers, for the sake of its authenticity, and describing prototype optical components made from silicon.

Much to the amazement, Intel has derived a collaboration with Numonyx BV and STMicroelectronics NV. According to Intel, the leading researchers of the Universities of Virginia and California provided the much needed consultation and helped profoundly in testing.

The researchers, according to Mario Paniccia, the director, Intel's photonics-technology, used photo detectors to enhance the intensity of laser generated light pulses. During the process, the photo detector achieved a "gain-bandwidth product" of 340 gigahertz, a record so far.

The company is all set to exploit the performance of this photo detector. It hopes to improve the rate of data transfer and maximize the range a signal can travel upto. Thus we will see a fall in the energy consumed while transferring the information.

Environment Friendly Green Computers : Computing Becomes Human

The ill-effects of conventional computers are always put aside by the users. Probably, they haven't realized how deadly it could be to their health and the environment as well.

Surely, how can someone find out time to think about the side effects when he/she is too much busy with its glittering aspects ; checking emails, performing data transfer, listening to music etc.

But the soaring global environmental crisis is not something which can be thrown behind the curtain. Rather the time has come to check out some eco-friendly and environment friendly alternatives to these hazardous traditional computers.

The only answer to this crisis can be GREEN COMPUTING or the computers made of recyclable and non-toxic elements. Lets have a look why we need to dump our old computers -

Fact 1- The inefficient conventional computers consume a whopping 22-22 billion kilowatts-hours per year. The Department of Energy reported.

Fact 2- They are made of toxic and hostile materials such as lead mercury

Fact 3- They make the most of the 4.6 million tons of garbage and waste made by consumer electronic appliances. Greenpeace calculated.

Fact 4- They are energy-inefficient and a single old model computer consumes as much energy sufficient to run 3-4 GREEN COMPUTERS.

The negatives, forcing you to dump them, of such computers can be many. But instead of talking about the drawbacks of traditional computers, lets talk about the plus points of their alternatives -

Fact 1- The computing appliances waste will see a reduction of about 4 million pounds.

Fact 2- Using such computers, we can save as much electricity sufficient enough to light 2 million homes around US.

Fact 3- There is almost no use or drastically minimized use of deadly toxic elements such as ; mercury, lead etc.Link

Fact 4- There is no use of toxic coatings. They use only those paints and coatings which can be recycled.

Fact 5- Almost 3/4th of a green computer systems consists of recyclable parts and accessories. Thus they can be reused which means minimized waste.

Fact 6- Not only the computer parts, even the packaging of the green computers is done using green materials.

Buying a green computer EPEAT way :

Green Electronics Council, Ore, has come up with an online database(EPEAT) which judges computing appliances according to their efficiency and environment friendliness and ranks according on a point table.

The “greenery” of a laptop is tested on a point scale of 27. A model of Toshiba came first scoring 22 while some models of Sony, Lenovo and Apple scored 21 to secure the second spot.

While Lenovo seems to steal the the limelight when it comes to evaluate the green features of desktops with a score of 20 out of 24.

And lastly, while buying a green computer never forget to see the ENERGY STAR approval.

So what have you decided? Are you still going to stick to your older version of computers or getting ready to buy the much efficient and environmental friendly green computer?

Eco-friendly Home : Making Your Home Greener Than Ever

It is nothing but our moral duty to make our planet greener. Merely some “green steps,” we must realize, on our part, can make this world a better place.

Nothing can be parallel to buying environmental friendly green consumer appliances as they are the only tools in the hands of commoners to resist the rising threat of global warming.

Thus the time has arrived to come out of all our inhibitions so we can make ourselves the proud owners of safer and greener homes. Naturally, our greener homes mean a greener world!

Using environment friendly technology is a collective and humanitarian effort to reduce the energy consumption level and remove the use of toxic elements in the things of daily usage.

Here is a simple effort to see what are the latest and highly technologically advanced consumer appliance which are meant to provide us a greener home securing a healthier atmosphere.

Green Air Filters : An appliance like this is here to remove all types of indoor pollution. The deadly gases produced by the toxic elements make our home 3-4 times more polluted than the outer air. Some other pollutants like allergens and dust mites add more to this menace. The mechanical filtration ( HEPA) of an air filter curbs such pollutants.

Green Computing : It is high time to stop us from buying the conventional computers. The parts of any traditional computer carrying toxic elements make a heap of hazardous waste. Thus buying computers and laptops made of recycled products are the need of the hour. Also a green computer is one which runs using solar energy saving electricity. So go for it.

Eco-friendly Light Bulbs : This is the easiest way to play an effective role, on personal level, to make a your home greener. We know that a substantial amount of electricity is consumed by the traditional light bulbs. Thus don't wait to go for the efficient energy saving bulbs called CFLs. Believe it or not, they can save upto 70-75 percent of energy.

Green Home Electronics : Have you ever thought how much your love for music costs? Your CD players, TVs and Radios consume a significant amount of energy leading to an added burden to your electricity bills. To get free, you may buy entertainment appliances which run on solar power.

Green Kitchen Appliances : Undoubtedly, when it comes to kitchen appliances, the refrigerators are the biggest consumers of the electricity. So it is better to get rid of a traditional one and look out for a green model. Use a refrigerator smaller in size which has the freezer on its top or bottom.

What to Look for While Buying the Best Green Consumer Appliances :

As you have started planning to turn your home into greener one, there are certain things to be taken care of so you can have what you exactly wanted to have :

Buy only those appliances which come with ENERGY STAR label. This label is given by EPA(Environmental Pollution Agency) of USA. This label is a testimony of your appliances being green ones.

Despite all the efforts many companies fail to abandon the use of toxic materials while making home appliances. To stop them from doing so, governments, around the world, are coming up with RoHS( Restriction on Hazardous Substances) policies. Thus look out for such brands which follow such guidelines.

Personal Security Devices : Get Protected Using Non-lethal Weapons

The situation, at any point of human history, could have never been as much ironical as it is now. Though we are at the peak of human civilization as we say, we have become, unfortunately, more vulnerable to crime than ever.

It is a real jeopardy that we live in one of the safest country as a whole, but at the personal level we are prone to get attacked by thieves, snatchers at any point of time. As a matter of fact, whatever the level of security system is, when it comes to protect individuals, the government is always helpless.

According to reports, every 10 seconds, an assault of some kind takes place around the entire of US. A burglary case is reported every 46 seconds. In general, almost 20 percent of population faces crimes of some kind or other. Amazingly, dog attacks too are frequent as more than 4 million dog bites are reported every year.

So what do we need? Do we think that every time we are attacked a security personal will come out as a messiah. No! No at all. It has to dealt personally. Thus at this level, as a commoner, we need to take some necessary steps on our own to ensure our personal security buying some personal security products.

Pepper Spray : A pepper spray is a must to have, especially when you travel alone down the deserted streets. Its use can help you get rid of any possible attack whether by a thief or a dog which has gone wild. A simple spray can cause burn in the eyes and sneeze giving you ample time to run away to nearest police station. A capsicum spray is advisable for its lethality.

Bulletproof Backpack : Next time when your child steps out for school, don't send him without a bulletproof backpack. Even you need to do the same when you plan to venture out traveling during summer vacations. Look out for the lighter versions.

Stun Gun : Not like pepper sprays which can be used from a safer distance, a stun gun is only effective, rather too effective, when you are within the hugging-distance of the attacker. The terrorizing electric shocks, coming out of this device, will make the attacker fall flat and go inactive in seconds. The effect lasts for almost 8-10 minutes. Enough time to run away, isn't it?

Stun Baton : This too works on give-him-a-real-shock formula. Unlike stun guns, you can use it, from a safe and sufficient distance. Thanks to its long baton, made of metal, which comes with an electric shock head. You know what does a shock head mean.

Some Latest Entries :

Cell Phone Stun Gun : It is one of the many consumer-friendly innovations in personal security devices. The specifically designed cell phone gives the attacker a real shocker giving high electric shocks. What happens next to it you know well.

Personal Security Alarm : Many times, despite having all the personal security devices, it might not be possible to act as expected. Out of fear, you freeze and you feel unable to shout. Here comes the personal security alarm to your rescue! It will shout and yell for you to call others. After few moments so will do the attacker.

So it is the high time you think about your personal security. So just make a quick trip to any law enforcement personnel supply store where you can get these devices. To know more details you can contact the nearest police station too. They will train you to use these devices.

Buying Energy-efficient Refrigerator Made Easy

If you are planing to replace your old refrigerator, then nothing can be more suitable than opting for something which comes with an energy-efficiency tag. The latest models of these cooling products are comprehensively equipped to save the maximum amount of energy.

Apart from saving money and energy, the installation of an energy-efficient refrigerator does many good things beyond imagination. It brings a drastic reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. Thus employing a cut into the menace of global warming on your part.

Run After the Energy-efficiency : Almost all the models coming with Energy Star tags are capable of saving energy upto 20-25 percent of the total energy consumed by any ordinary one. Reports say such models are 35-40 percent more efficient than the old models.

Small is Beautiful : If you really want to save energy then nothing is better than a refrigerator smaller in size. Not only that it acquires less place, it needs less money to be spent on its maintenance. Studies say that any refrigerator under 25 cubic feet is sufficient enough to fulfill all the needs of every home.

Big is Not Big Always : Why I request you not to buy a refrigerator bigger in size? In any big size model, the most of the area assigned to freezers are covered by hardware. Also, it gets smaller all because of the icemakers. So where is the place promised by the household consumer appliance manufactures? This is the answer.

Locating the Freezer : Experts always warn us to refrain from buying the models which have freezers located to their sides. They consume more energy than the models having the freezers to their bottoms. You may also consider buying something with a freezer at its top.

Too many Features Spoil a Refrigerator : The market is flooded with refrigerators carrying numerous features to lure the consumers. Here if you really want to return with an energy-efficient model then you better don't pay heed to these features.

They make a mess of your energy saving plans. Also they tend to get corrupted easily so additional burden on your pocket. Thus avoid features such as ; undercounter drawers, icemakers etc.

Heavy Hinges : The refrigerator which has heavy door hinges proves to be more efficient one. The reason..The good seal made by such hinges on the door doesn't allow the cold air to leak out.

One is Better Than Two : This one is important, if you need two refrigerators of smaller size then it advisable to buy a bigger one rather than going for two small ones.

Understanding Transistor, Its importance And Its Versatilities

Invented by Bell Labs, in 1947, a transistor is a solid-state electronic device which is used to regulate the electricity flow. Basically, it is a semiconductor device which consists of three-four layers. Some basic functions like amplifying a signal or opening/closing a circuit is attributed to it.

Its Importance :

The contemporary computer culture has not been at its peak without the invention of transistor. Prior to the advent of this ultra sophisticated electronic active device, all the digital circuits came with vacuum tubes.

Thus the circuits were full of many flaws and drawbacks. Their larger size needed a bigger amount of energy. It used to get heated too early leading to its premature destruction. This led to the increased inefficiency of computers.

However, the transistor gave the computers a lifeline. It became an unavoidable part of the computer mechanism. Thus in any modern computer more than a million transistors can be found.

Some Important Types :

Bipolar Transistor :

As the name suggests, the bipolar transistor, made of silicon, carries two polarities; n-type and p-type. Thus in a bipolar transistor, the current passes through negative polarity and positive polarity found in the layers made of semiconductors.

Field Effect Transistors :

It can have many types and all are used in different fields and for various purposes. For example ; MOS FETS are used in the digital ICs of microcomputers. While, GaAs FETs are used in satellite broadcasting receivers where these transistors amplify the microwave. At last, the junction type FETs are suitable for any audio equipment's analog circuit.

Determining Size and Shape :

Two factors ; the degree of power consumption and the method of mounting ensure the size and shape of any transistor.

Power Dissipation of a Transistor :

A transistor which maximum collector power dissipation is less than IW is called a small-signal transistor. However, if any transistor which maximum collector power dissipation is more than 1W or equal is called a power transistor. Also a small-signal transistor has very low maximum collector current( 500mA) compared to the same of a power transistor.

Transistor as an Amplifier :

A transistor, while working as an amplifier, uses a small amount of electricity. This small amount of energy is used to control the gate of a comparatively larger supply of electricity. The three basic parts( the base, the collector and the emitter) of a transistor do their assigned work to regulate electric supply. For an electric supply, especially a larger one, the base works as a gate controller device. Then the collector is what we say is the larger electrical supply. And as the name suggests, the emitter is what we get the regulated power from. This system needs a very meager amount of electricity.

Transistor as a Switch :

Also a transistor works as a switch or a binary code for a digital processor. The same three basic parts of a transistor work here to do so. The only difference is that the transistor, unlike using low electricity as for amplifiers, here uses some higher amount of voltage. More clearly, when the switch goes on it needs five volts while it needs less than five volts when it goes off.