Eco-friendly Home : Making Your Home Greener Than Ever

It is nothing but our moral duty to make our planet greener. Merely some “green steps,” we must realize, on our part, can make this world a better place.

Nothing can be parallel to buying environmental friendly green consumer appliances as they are the only tools in the hands of commoners to resist the rising threat of global warming.

Thus the time has arrived to come out of all our inhibitions so we can make ourselves the proud owners of safer and greener homes. Naturally, our greener homes mean a greener world!

Using environment friendly technology is a collective and humanitarian effort to reduce the energy consumption level and remove the use of toxic elements in the things of daily usage.

Here is a simple effort to see what are the latest and highly technologically advanced consumer appliance which are meant to provide us a greener home securing a healthier atmosphere.

Green Air Filters : An appliance like this is here to remove all types of indoor pollution. The deadly gases produced by the toxic elements make our home 3-4 times more polluted than the outer air. Some other pollutants like allergens and dust mites add more to this menace. The mechanical filtration ( HEPA) of an air filter curbs such pollutants.

Green Computing : It is high time to stop us from buying the conventional computers. The parts of any traditional computer carrying toxic elements make a heap of hazardous waste. Thus buying computers and laptops made of recycled products are the need of the hour. Also a green computer is one which runs using solar energy saving electricity. So go for it.

Eco-friendly Light Bulbs : This is the easiest way to play an effective role, on personal level, to make a your home greener. We know that a substantial amount of electricity is consumed by the traditional light bulbs. Thus don't wait to go for the efficient energy saving bulbs called CFLs. Believe it or not, they can save upto 70-75 percent of energy.

Green Home Electronics : Have you ever thought how much your love for music costs? Your CD players, TVs and Radios consume a significant amount of energy leading to an added burden to your electricity bills. To get free, you may buy entertainment appliances which run on solar power.

Green Kitchen Appliances : Undoubtedly, when it comes to kitchen appliances, the refrigerators are the biggest consumers of the electricity. So it is better to get rid of a traditional one and look out for a green model. Use a refrigerator smaller in size which has the freezer on its top or bottom.

What to Look for While Buying the Best Green Consumer Appliances :

As you have started planning to turn your home into greener one, there are certain things to be taken care of so you can have what you exactly wanted to have :

Buy only those appliances which come with ENERGY STAR label. This label is given by EPA(Environmental Pollution Agency) of USA. This label is a testimony of your appliances being green ones.

Despite all the efforts many companies fail to abandon the use of toxic materials while making home appliances. To stop them from doing so, governments, around the world, are coming up with RoHS( Restriction on Hazardous Substances) policies. Thus look out for such brands which follow such guidelines.

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