Backbeat 903 Bluetooth Headphone : The Most Comfortable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Joggers

Backbeat 903 comfortable Bluetooth wireless stereo HeadphonesLaunched by the Altec Lansing, the undisputed king of comfortable bluetooth stereo wireless headphones manufacturers, and related to Plantronics, the Backbeat 903 those joggers who don't want to stay away from their bluetooth equipped mobiles or Mp3 players at any cost.

As something with extra weight may be a disturbance while you run, Altec Lansing has made all efforts to make this bluetooth wireless headphone as weightless as possible. It weighs an amazing 34g only and comes with swivel adjustment giving you a gripping fit.

Made of qualitative water proof materials, Backbeat 903 Bluetooth Headphone shows no sign of dysfunction while your sweat moves on to it during an elongated physical workout session. As it is made of highly durable and flexible materials, you will be able to fold and keep it inside your pockets easily without no fear of its being broken.

This bluetooth stereo wireless headphone can be easily found from the stores paying not more than 100 dollars only. Further, to provide you with an efficient service, it is equipped with A2DP and AVRC to enable you to regulate music and attend calls without any problem. It can give give you a service more than six hours at a stretch and also enjoys Bluetooth v2.1. Moreover, its standby mode stretches up to a whole week.

And, if you need to take a break from the music without plugging out your headphone, here comes the OpenMic™ which allows you to listen to the external sounds by merely clicking at the given button. The music stops and creeps in the sweet chippings of the birds. This Backbeat 903 Bluetooth Headphone is first of its kind which gives you such a facility.

Not only that, there are many more latest technologies added to it. For example, BassBoost technology enables your Backbeat 903 Bluetooth Headphone to catch even the weakest sound waves and boosts those signals immensely only to be heard with great clarity.

Even you will never have to worry about external noisy disturbances while listening to your favorite music or attending any call. Your Backbeat 903 Bluetooth Headphone uses Plantronics Dual-Mic AudioIQ® technology where one microphone gives you filtered sound or music while other does the required filtering.

most comfortable headphonesHere are its chief features in brief :

1. Weighs as low as 34 grams only.

2. Enjoys an impedance of 17 Ohms.

3. Has an input sensitivity upto 91 dB.

4. Equipped with qualitative stereo bluetooth technology.

5. 14 mm speaker with super fit eartips made of silicon

6. Frequency response ranges between 80 Hz to 12 kHz.


Jagwinder15 said...

gr8 device to enjoy the Music!!!

Laptop Bags said...

This does look awesome. I hate the cords bouncing while I run!