Before You Buy a Home Water Purifier

So you are about to buy a water purifier for your home. However, going to the market without the proper planing might not be fruitful and you may end up with a wrong pick in your hands.

Thus you need to have some knowledge of certain features which must be traced in your potential buy.

Water Consumption : It becomes a vital point to consider before you buy a water purifier. Just asses minutely how much water your family members use on average. Keeping a tab for a week may give you the idea. For a family of half a dozen members, something which can purify almost eight to ten gallons water within a minute can be the best material. Check out its GPM.

Size : There can be various sizes of home water purifiers in a kitchen appliances store. They can be bigger or smaller ones. The water purifiers in smaller sizes are suitable for bachelors. So if you are not one of them, then you should go for something in medium size. They suit a family of three to four

Filters : Depending upon the use of purified water in your kitchen, you can choose the number of filters attached to your buy. For a family of five to six members, buying a system with three filters can be feasible. The more filters you have, the more water you will get purified in a short period of time.

Installation : Before buying a water purifier, you need to know where do you want to install it. A smaller one can be installed near the kitchen sink. If you need cold filtered water every time, get it installed in your fridge. However, buying a bigger one can eat up some place. No problem, you can fix it behind the walls.

Easy Installation : Refrain from buying something which makes the installation a tedious job. The market is full of water purifiers which installation is an affair of five minutes only. Their designs don't need any extra effort or the assistance of technicians. They prevent you from drilling holes in the walls and swinging hammers in the air.

Pricing : There are many types of water purifiers available on the market. As per the technology used, their cost may vary. If you are affected by recession, there is no reason to spend some extra bucks. Rather go for a pitcher filter. It is the cheapest option.

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