Environment Friendly Green Computers : Computing Becomes Human

The ill-effects of conventional computers are always put aside by the users. Probably, they haven't realized how deadly it could be to their health and the environment as well.

Surely, how can someone find out time to think about the side effects when he/she is too much busy with its glittering aspects ; checking emails, performing data transfer, listening to music etc.

But the soaring global environmental crisis is not something which can be thrown behind the curtain. Rather the time has come to check out some eco-friendly and environment friendly alternatives to these hazardous traditional computers.

The only answer to this crisis can be GREEN COMPUTING or the computers made of recyclable and non-toxic elements. Lets have a look why we need to dump our old computers -

Fact 1- The inefficient conventional computers consume a whopping 22-22 billion kilowatts-hours per year. The Department of Energy reported.

Fact 2- They are made of toxic and hostile materials such as lead mercury

Fact 3- They make the most of the 4.6 million tons of garbage and waste made by consumer electronic appliances. Greenpeace calculated.

Fact 4- They are energy-inefficient and a single old model computer consumes as much energy sufficient to run 3-4 GREEN COMPUTERS.

The negatives, forcing you to dump them, of such computers can be many. But instead of talking about the drawbacks of traditional computers, lets talk about the plus points of their alternatives -

Fact 1- The computing appliances waste will see a reduction of about 4 million pounds.

Fact 2- Using such computers, we can save as much electricity sufficient enough to light 2 million homes around US.

Fact 3- There is almost no use or drastically minimized use of deadly toxic elements such as ; mercury, lead etc.Link

Fact 4- There is no use of toxic coatings. They use only those paints and coatings which can be recycled.

Fact 5- Almost 3/4th of a green computer systems consists of recyclable parts and accessories. Thus they can be reused which means minimized waste.

Fact 6- Not only the computer parts, even the packaging of the green computers is done using green materials.

Buying a green computer EPEAT way :

Green Electronics Council, Ore, has come up with an online database(EPEAT) which judges computing appliances according to their efficiency and environment friendliness and ranks according on a point table.

The “greenery” of a laptop is tested on a point scale of 27. A model of Toshiba came first scoring 22 while some models of Sony, Lenovo and Apple scored 21 to secure the second spot.

While Lenovo seems to steal the the limelight when it comes to evaluate the green features of desktops with a score of 20 out of 24.

And lastly, while buying a green computer never forget to see the ENERGY STAR approval.

So what have you decided? Are you still going to stick to your older version of computers or getting ready to buy the much efficient and environmental friendly green computer?

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