Six Most Purposeful Christmas Gifts For Your Family

Guess what your loved ones are eagerly waiting for this Christmas. Well.. It could be dresses and parties as you might easily count on your finger-tips.

But there is something more they might be craving for. Of course, this something in nothing but a cool and technologically advanced gadget which could serve to their needs.

Definitely, you too are in a mood to bring a change in the taste of your gifting habit. Naturally, you want to escape from gifting books, computers etc. However, you must ensure that whatever you are planning to buy must come with a purpose.

So Wait Not! Before making a trip to the gift stores to look for the best gadgets have a look at the following list of the hottest and most liked Christmas gadgets which come with a purpose.

Digital Film Scanner : While cleaning the shelves, last month, you suddenly discovered the album full of images of your parents' marriage. As you want to gift them something surprising, there could be nothing of that sort if you manage to convert these photographs into digital ones. Just buy a digital film scanner and gift it to your parents alongwith the old album. This easy to operate machine will change the whole photo album into jpeg images.

Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku : Researches say that solving Sudoku puzzles improve the brain function and boosts memory. So what could be a better Christmas gift than this to your aging parents and your grand parents. The touchscreen makes it easy to use and full of fun. Hopefully, the engaging 81 squares on a Sudoku screen will give them thousands of stress-free moments only in a single day.

Portable ATM Machine : This gadget would teach the role of digital piggy bank to your kids. What an idea to buy them one of this kind this Christmas so they can learn to manage money! The best tool to make them understand the importance of saving during the acute global marketslump. Your kids will learn how to deposit and withdraw money using PIN numbers all at the home only. It handles bills and coins both.

Nokia N96 Mobile Phone : This one is for you. Though Nokia N97 is already in the market, you can still opt for N96. The reason behind choosing the second to latest model is quite simple. It is well tested and fulfills all the needs of a gadget freak. Another, it has gone cheaper too. It is a fun to watch movies on a 2.8 inch screen. Its 16 gigabytes memory is the next luring reason.

Electronic Backpack : A completely unmatchable backpack. How often do you hear about backpacks keeping in view your children's entertainment values. Buy your kids a stuff like this if they are planning to have an excursion after Christmas. Not only soft drinks, they can stuff their backpacks with media players, iPods and other entertainment appliances.

Waterproof iPod Case : Now your wife can dare to make her swimming session more musical than ever. The waterproof iPod case, attached with MP3 Players Headphone, will allow her to jump into water without any worry of getting her costly iPod water drenched. So tell her to plug the headphones into the ears and let the water dance to her music.

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