Netbooks : Cool And Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, the netbooks have turned out to be a bizarre gift item. The consumers' unusual rise of interest towards them had caused their sales flying like anything. On one hand, because of global market slump, the sales of desktops and laptops has dived to some new lows, the ever-growing sales of netbooks seem to give a much needed boost and balance to computing appliances industry.

Netbooks, termed by many as mini notebooks, have made latest inroads into the schoolbags and backpacks of students. Interestingly, they prefer it to their heavy notebooks(don't mistake them as laptops). Thus the parents have no option but to buy their children a netbook instead of heavy desktops of bigger laptops.

Even the parents seem to learn a lesson from their offspring. It might be the first time in history when parents are trying to fill in their children's shoes. They are denying themselves conventional computers for their professional use and making a beeline to grab a beautiful and easy-to-carry netbook.

Though these netbooks are not as efficient as a conventional desktop or a laptop, remember they comprise very few features, buying something at a price less than half of a desktop is not a risky deal. After all it can cater to the all basic necessities successfully.

However, the crazy success story of netbooks was hardly remarkable when it was launched. The customers had shut their doors completely to those primary netbooks. After all, who likes to operate a crap with a screen measuring only 7 inches? Though you were required to pay around $300 only.

Thus the manufacturers, learning from the previous mistakes, have flooded the stores this festive season with netbooks with a screen bigger by two to three inches. Even the price is not going to burn some holes in your pockets. You need to pay not more than $400. One thing more! Unlike the very previous models, the new products can run the versions of Windows.

Statistically, it has left behind not only the desktops and laptops, the much hyped Apple's iPhones are distant runner up. DisplaySearch, a market survey agency, reported that sales of netbooks grew by 160% at the end of third quarter. More clearly, 5.6 million netbooks were sold, in that period, as compared to the sale of 4.7 million iPhones.

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