Buying Energy-efficient Refrigerator Made Easy

If you are planing to replace your old refrigerator, then nothing can be more suitable than opting for something which comes with an energy-efficiency tag. The latest models of these cooling products are comprehensively equipped to save the maximum amount of energy.

Apart from saving money and energy, the installation of an energy-efficient refrigerator does many good things beyond imagination. It brings a drastic reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. Thus employing a cut into the menace of global warming on your part.

Run After the Energy-efficiency : Almost all the models coming with Energy Star tags are capable of saving energy upto 20-25 percent of the total energy consumed by any ordinary one. Reports say such models are 35-40 percent more efficient than the old models.

Small is Beautiful : If you really want to save energy then nothing is better than a refrigerator smaller in size. Not only that it acquires less place, it needs less money to be spent on its maintenance. Studies say that any refrigerator under 25 cubic feet is sufficient enough to fulfill all the needs of every home.

Big is Not Big Always : Why I request you not to buy a refrigerator bigger in size? In any big size model, the most of the area assigned to freezers are covered by hardware. Also, it gets smaller all because of the icemakers. So where is the place promised by the household consumer appliance manufactures? This is the answer.

Locating the Freezer : Experts always warn us to refrain from buying the models which have freezers located to their sides. They consume more energy than the models having the freezers to their bottoms. You may also consider buying something with a freezer at its top.

Too many Features Spoil a Refrigerator : The market is flooded with refrigerators carrying numerous features to lure the consumers. Here if you really want to return with an energy-efficient model then you better don't pay heed to these features.

They make a mess of your energy saving plans. Also they tend to get corrupted easily so additional burden on your pocket. Thus avoid features such as ; undercounter drawers, icemakers etc.

Heavy Hinges : The refrigerator which has heavy door hinges proves to be more efficient one. The reason..The good seal made by such hinges on the door doesn't allow the cold air to leak out.

One is Better Than Two : This one is important, if you need two refrigerators of smaller size then it advisable to buy a bigger one rather than going for two small ones.

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