Celebrating 2009 : Light Decorations For New Year

The moment the Christmas celebrations come to an end, you suddenly get engaged in the preparations to welcome the new year. The light decoration of your home has gone completely trendy. Thus look out for all the latest ways to light up your home this new year. After all your home should look at its best once it is night.

The real mantra to make this year's light decoration is to do it inexpensive way. That is why, gone are the days when we used to decorate our home with traditional light bulbs or tube lights. Now, you will find LEDs, paper lamps and solar lamps to make your light decoration more cost-effective and dazzling than ever.

Also, you must agree that all the different parts of your home hold their individuality. As the relevance of your dinning hall is relatively different from the importance of your drawing room or outer walls, so keeping their individual importance in the mind, lets find out what are the most important lighting components to decorate them.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs : First of all, you should start with basics. After all, at this time of global market slump there is no better way to save your power bill than buying a LED bulbs. Their much improved energy efficient quality has made them most suitable substitute of incandescent bulbs. They will help you save more than 80 percent of energy you spent so far on light bulbs. Though commonly expensive, these bulbs have gone cheaper comprehensively all because of financial downfall. So you end up saving a lot, indeed.

Paper Lighting For Drawing Rooms : There is nothing more suitable than flooding your drawing room with paper lighting. Instead of using naked light bulbs, you can use them to give your drawing room a completely different mystique touch. The modern designers have come far away from designing simple and traditional looking paper lightings such as paper lamps. Now, you can have a series of designs resembling flying kites, suspended airplanes, semi-naked women and a lot more.

Solar Lamps For Outer Decoration : This is another example of evolution in the light decoration at the times of cost-cutting. Now you will get rid of the huge amount of money you spared to light up your garden, driveway etc. As using solar lamps for the outdoor decoration will save a lot of electricity. Grab some designs, especially meant for the new year decorations in the stores. There is no dearth of designs and models as all the famous brands have come up with their products.

Candle Style Chandeliers For Dinning Rooms : The dinning room is the place which speaks a lot about your personal style, elegance and aesthetic touch. So it needs to be careful while choosing a perfect style as this is what a guest notices as soon as he/she enters. So choose a beautiful shade suitable according to the interiors of the dinning room. The famous shades are onyx style candle shade, real paraffin wax shade, resin candle shade, dripping wax shade etc. The type of shade you choose may have its say on the tiers of your candle style chandelier.

Wall Sconces For Your Hallway : Now shed all the fears related to your elongated and dark hallway. Also shed the use of merely light bulbs to illuminate it. Rather there is one thing in the market which will not only enlighten the hallway but decorate it too at its best. Go and grab some wall sconces and hang them all through the walls of hallway.

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