New Media Server Technology by MediaMerge

MediaMerge just launched a unique and efficient media server at a trade show at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City,NJ. This media sever is called ShowSource™3D.

This ultra advanced product is too versatile and multi-functional while serving. Alongwith working as a multi-channel digital sound service, it is also equipped with a high-definition 3D video playback. Further, it comes with a built-in theater automation system. This system is regulated by a wireless touch-screen interface.

By many it is being considered as one of the most optimized and technologically advanced media server. The operations it can execute can be unparalleled as there is no such a media server available in the market which can have so many features.

Basically, this turn-key media sever is suitable for giant-screen cinemas."When theaters began approaching us about developing new products for the giant screen industry,” said Ken McKibben, the president of MediaMerge. “We realized there was a real need for the type of creativity and experience we could bring to the table."

This introduction of this multi-functional media server is the most equipped system integration launch of the company in almost last ten years.

As Ken McKibben himself said, "We've had a lot of success providing systems integration services in other markets for almost a decade, and as the world's largest third-party SPP service provider for IMAX Theaters, we've got a really unique perspective on how to solve their problems."

The system uses non-proprietary hardware as a cost-saving measure. The real craftsman behind this mediaserver is Tim Ogletree. He was given an assignment to make a possibility, a system which could cater to the various needs of a giant cinema screen.

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