Unified Communications – Helping to Integrate

A company, especially a small one, suffers a lot spending too much of money on its basic communication system. They are always supposed to use separate PBXs, various phone equipments, a number of trunk lines. This leads to extra expenditures on an already low-running organization.

However, they could get a great solution in form of unified communications. This communication software helps to save not only money but a lot of time too.

The installation of unified communications ensures enough to combine and integrate the company's whole data, videos and voice transactions, that too on a single network.

Needs no additional experts: As the whole of the data processing and other electronic activities can be done on a same network, it needs no additional experts of telecommunication. The existing workforce will suffice.

Uses existing hardwares for security:
Though it becomes vulnerable to hackers, still its security can be tightened using certain tools. The existing hardwares like network switches and routers can be used for further enhancement of security. Interestingly, the security installation doesn't demand extra money.

Multi-functionality: It can be used for various functions like fax transaction, e-mailing, voice messaging etc. that too from a single mail box.

Multimedia active: A user can send and receive a series of photos, video clips etc with minimum errors.

Interaction efficient: It allows the work personals working in the same company to interact easily. This easy mode of interaction enables them to make schedules, planning etc. of upcoming and urgent activities.

Quick communication: The users can use it for other quick communication purposes such as paging, instant messaging, conferencing etc.

Minimizing Errors: Its ultra-efficiency in handling data transaction prevents it from committing too much of errors.

Futuristic approach: The unified communications is always flexible and are made keeping in view the future. In case latest technologies come in, the software only needs simple upgradings.

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