Launching Diver Detection Sonar : A Detection System For a Cause

The ongoing Monaco Yacht Show has to show something more than those classic and beautiful yachts. At this show, Sonardyne System International Ltd, the global leader in subsea acoustic navigation designing and manufacturing, has come up with a latest diver detection system.

The manufacturing company which has its headquarter in England terms it as technologically advanced and something capable of showing high performance. This Sonar system is added with highly advanced software. This software enables this detection system to track and classify the approaching intruders with great ease.

Also, the software used can send alert messages in form of text messages or pre-recorded voice messages to any related staff much before any damage is done to the yacht.

This Sentinel sonar is kept hanging under water while it remains attached to the yacht. The moment it detects an approaching diver, let him/her come from any of the four sides, it sends alert messages to the crew.

Much to the comfort, it is equipped with the ability to detect a diver or swimmer from a long distance. This gives enough time to the crew to make out a way to prevent the fatal collision. Moreover, it takes no time to get activated as the moment the yacht creeps into water, the sentinel system gets back to its work and starts functioning.

Interestingly, the inspirational technology behind this innovation is none other than the US Navy itself. The US navy for long has been using Integrated Swimmer Defence System to detect such kind of unwanted approaches around its ships.

This underwater protection system is being hailed as the first of its kind. Ross Gooding of Sonardyne says, “It is the first system to combine small size with exceptional performance that comes from having been designed specifically for the task of creating an underwater protective screen around vessels such as superyachts.”

Definitely, it is one of the most ultra-sophisticated and advanced detection systems which is well equipped to give 100 percent success rate. Amazingly, not only that it is capable of tracing approaching entities from a safe length, it can differentiate between things such as divers, fish, and other small crafts etc.

Further, it is being said that it is not a product of hybrid-culture, instead it is something very unique and is boasted to be designed specifically in order to make a superyacht safe and sound.

Some special features of Sentinel Sonar Head :-

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