: Redefining The Online Shopping Patterns

With the advent of consumer 2.0, the online marketers have realized that using celebrities to sell products, no way remains a fruitful affair. Thus they have generated some consumer 2.0 compatible approaches to get the desired result. The first and foremost such approach is to allow the users themselves to buy a product, irrespective of its type and size, after having a detailed study from various aspects.

Specifically, the implementation of this strategy is extremely unavoidable when the online buying/selling of electronics consumer appliances is concerned. Thus, the advent of some sites with special emphasis on 'compare product shopping' has provided the much needed help in the tapping of this unique consumer 2.0 behavior.

However, there are not many 'online shopping sites' dedicated exclusively to electronics products which helps you to pick your desired electronics product such as cameras, camcorders, laptops, cellphones, MP3 players etc, based on compare product shopping, rather than forcing you to buy things using the deceiving compare price shopping? is one of those sites. Technically, works on the five most basic tendencies of modern consumers, especially the virtual and Gen Y buyer. Lets see where Shopnics stands as far as the following five rules of consumer 2.0 behaviour provided by Mr.Youth are concerned.

5 Most Basic Instincts Of Consumer 2.0 :

Least Respect To High Profile Brand Ambassadors : The consumer 2.0 seems to give no importance to the endorsed celebrities, rather he/she is looking for more authentic and scientific ways to find out an efficient electronics product.

Thus, as compare product shopping site, proves handy while choosing the right electronics product. The consumer 2.0 can evaluate a product on various parameters and importance scales which represent users need.

Loves To Create A Niche Of Own : You can't force a consumer 2.0 to buy a product without his/her consent as earlier. These days such consumer is more open to personal likes and dislikes. Thus this consumer 2.0 enjoys a niche of his/her own.

Thus provide them an amazing platform to go through all pros and cons, and aspects, of a product from huge catalog of products before they actually pick up their buy. Here, the consumers get what they have in their minds.

Less Talking, More Discussion : The consumer 2.0 are willing to talk about a product in a few-word discourse rather than having a full length gossip. Thus they go online to look for the most filtered and refined product specifications and descriptions. helps a lot in doing the same as it gives a deep insight of the product merely using some graphs and one line descriptions. It is more powerful than the product reviews provided by many social networking shopping sites.

This sites also provides a way to tweet about the liked products and get feedbacks from users visiting twitter network. This site also provides the discussion to go on and around various social media like youtube, Amazon, Yahoo which helps a user to make quicker buying decision.

No To Brand, Yes To Personal Needs : The Consumer 2.0, comparatively more educated than preceding generations, believes in the needs and the proper usage of the products. So this consumer seems less gullible to the huge billboards and hoardings promoting big brands.

In this respect, becomes helpful enough as it allows the consumer 2.0 to choose a product, not a brand, according to his/her own needs after a detailed evaluation as per various product parameters and corresponding importance scales.

They Decide The Value Of The Brand : The Consumer 2.0 discards the efforts of the manufacturer to promote its brand value. Rather, the consumer 2.0 believes in using, evaluating then giving his/her personal attributes to it.

A user of too feels like making a brand of his own as the 'decision graph' on the site helps a lot to find a product as per the consumer's wishes , instead of falling prey to the names of a big brand. This site also provides the list of products which is similar or better to the selected product based on consumer's need and user can redefine his/her brand based on money for value. is a next generation 'comparison' shopping site, more focused on comparing the product which is quite aligned to the rules of consumer 2.0. As a seasoned user, I found this site an excellent place to go for electronic shopping.

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