'Green Realm' Expands : Green Lighting Components Take Over Empire State Building

Call it a recession led after-shocks or the ill-effects of ongoing global phenomenon of global warming and climate change, one thing is sure that 'going green' by Empire State Building, one of the most admired skyscrapers worldwide, will bear a long term effect on the mindset of all the global citizens, real estate stalwarts and technology experts.

By large, it seems to be a step to reduce the energy expenses on the first hand, but on the other it will play a big role, though at a small measure, substantially to inspires other countries and their leaders to take some urgent steps in this green direction.

Definitely, a simple shift in the usage of traditional lighting components patterns and an efficient window insulation will bring a change which can save us approximately 4.4 million US dollars a year. This should not be called less than a revolution in this 'polluted' conditions. This makeover plan will consume almost US$20 million.

Apart from this financial benefit, thanks to its green makeover the Empire State Building, which officiates 13,000 staffs, will emit carbon dioxide at an extremely low quantity. Thus the emission could be 105,000 tons less than normal, amazingly, in coming fifteen years. It will be possible by its sharp cut in its energy consumption by 38 percent.

However, switching over to 'green' lighting components is not the only step being taken into account to make this 102 storey-high New York landmark go green, There are many more scientific details are attributed to this innovative plan. Once Linkthis 'green project' is over, Empire State Building is expected to achieve a score of 90 as per ENERGY STAR standards, a score gifted to only 10 percent of all the skyscrapers worldwide.

For example, you will see a better management of solar heat while it creeps in or out of its 6,500 windows. The insulated glasses will prevent the unwanted loss or trespassing of heat in winter and summer, respectively. Thus there will be less load on air conditioners. The plan of an effective air ventilation too is underway.

The greening of this 77 year old Empire State Building is a very well planned and calculated step and has got some really 'big minds' behind this project. The most important step has been taken by the former president Bill Clinton whose Climate Initiative group is all set to give all types of financial assistance to make this 'green' dream come true.

Moreover, a global real estate services firm Jones Lang Lasalle will take care of this renovation plan of Empire State Building. Thus a team has been formed, under the supervision of Anthony E. Malkin, to make out the most feasible steps to come up with the best 'energy saving' results in a specified time period.

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