Geotag Your Vacations By Sony's GPS Camcorder HDR-TG5V

The phenomenon of collecting memories, while you visit exotic places as part of your vacations, has got a completely different twist. Thanks to HDR-TG5V, the latest compact handy cam with titanium exterior and GPS technology, launched by the electronics giant Sony.

This high-end, but small, HDR-TG5V camera has all we could only dream to have in such a tiny structure. It seems to be a bonsai edition of big-size video recorders. Not only that it contains features such as the ability to record videos at 1920X1080 apart from snapping 4 megapixel photos, HDR-TG5V has optical zoom of 20X too.

Storage Capacity :

The storage capacity of 16GB is more than efficient for even the most enthusiastic traveler on this planet. Amazingly, the photographic camera HDR-TG5V has an amazing capability of recording video footages for more than six hours at a stretch.

However, if still you find this memory capacity not sufficient enough, Sony has equipped this camera with a memory slot which accepts Memory Stick Pro Duo cards to give an enhanced data storage capacity.

Other Features :

Thus this digital video camera HDR-TG5V, apart from having a high-end video footage storage capacity, has got some other special features too such as; a 1/5-inch Exmor CMOS sensor, a super slow motion recording mode, smile shutter, image stabilization, built-in flash which make it a must to make your foreign tours a memorable one.

HDR-TG5V will cost you a hefty US$1,000. However, it is expected to come down once its shipping starts in May. Also it has a Dolby Digital stereo recording facility equipped with a built-in zoom microphone and innovative face detection system, apart from an efficient rechargeable battery and HDMI and USB 2.0 ports making it an affordable buy.

Main Feature :

The above described features of Sony's HDR-TG5V might be talking about its general features only, the reason why this camera stands out lies in its unique feature of being equipped with GPS technology and Navteq digital maps.

Thus, definitely, the first time in the history of small-size video recorders, you will be able to geotag your videos and photos. Moreover, you can see these geotagged data on the 2.7 inch LCD of the camera.

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