Best Plasma TV Maintenance Tips To Prevent Untimely Burn-in

best plasma tv maintenance tips burn-inMaintaining a plasma TV is quite a simple and easy task keeping in view how carefully you do it. Some simple steps while watching, placing and the cleaning of your most favorite consumer appliance will keep many common ' mechanical ailments' at bay. Definitely, doing so will prevent an untimely and unwanted burn-in. Here we go !

Balanced Brightness : Try to maintain a perfect balance as far as the brightness level, while watching your plasma TV, is concerned. Using brightness level up to its maximum, most of the times, may invite burn-in. It is better not to use 'too' shiny' light bulbs and tubes in the TV room. They force you to keep your TV screen on a high brightness mode. Also, don't use the contrast setting to its extreme. Rather, keep it at a justified level to prevent burn-in.

Move It : When your plasma TV is quite new, it is better to avoid viewing a still photo for long. It brings untimely burn-in. Thus minimize using the 'pause' mode for a longer duration. Also shun playing video games on your plasma. However, if your TV set has grown older, an elongated duration of static image viewing bears no danger.

Deep Sleep : Experts always prescribe that a user of plasm a TV should not keep it on standby mode ever, rather he/she prefer to turn it off completely. Not only that the user may end up saving some energy, doing so will give the plasma TV a total rest too which allows the screen to maintain its efficiency for a longer period and keep the picture quality improved.

Careful Cleaning : While cleaning your plasma TV screen, first of all you should read out the users manual carefully. Only then you start cleaning as per instruction and use only trademark cleaning solutions which have pH neutral tag.

Use a new and clean piece of cotton cloth and clean your hands before and after cleaning the screen. Don't use paper to clean the screen. While cleaning don't allow the liquid to spill on any other part and keep the TV unplugged while you do the cleaning.Linkbest plasma tv maintenance tips burn-in

Place It Safely : Where you place your plasma TV also plays an effective and important role in the longevity of this consumer appliance. Keep it away from the direct exposure to the sunlight and fire. Thus refrain from placing it beside windows, fireplaces and other heating products. Moreover, get ensured that no dangerous amount of humidity is present around your TV. Avoid water and liquids to invade the safe zone. Don't place your refrigerator near it.

Elongated Watch : While you watch your plasma TV, be sure that you have watched your favorite program fully before you turn it off. Too many turn-offs followed by as many turn-ons will damage the internal mechanism of the screen leading to a degraded picture quality.

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