Portable Water Purifier : It Counts While Your Child Camps

portable water purifier filter filtration purificationIf your school going child has planned to go for a summer camp, then forget not to provide him/her with the most important companion for those exciting and thrilling days. Buy him/her a portable water purifier, because there are nil chances to get fresh and clean drinkable water in those remote areas.

LinkThis friendly and innovative kitchen appliance saves your child from many unwanted ailments and complications which are common symptoms if someone drinks contaminated water, borrowed from canals and streams, in those exotic places. It does water purification and filtration at its best.

How Does a Portable Water Purifier Help Your Child?

Removes Everything : Many parents tend to give their growing children a portable water filter, instead of a portable water purifier. It worsens the situation, Remember, a filter only make the water free from visible and floating contaminants and leaves free those deadly viruses and germs intact. That is why, to make your child drink bacteria free clean water give him/her a purifier for water purification and filtration, not a filter, indeed.

Fits Everywhere : As it comes in all sizes and shapes, your child can have more than one option to choose from. Some can fit perfectly into the top of his/her bottle without adding any extra burden to the backpack. If your child loves to cook while camping, give a portable water purifier, bigger in size, which fits on the top of a big water container easily.portable water purifier filter filtration purification

Minimizes The Load : Remember your days, how tough it was to carry those enormously huge water bottles , for water filtration, attached to your backpack. The 'water load' seemed to wash away the joy of camping. However, such will not be the case with your child. Instead of carrying gallons of water he/she will move with only required water up to the next campsite or stop.

How To Buy Your Child A Suitable Portable Water Purifier ?

See The Pore : While buying any portable water purifier, a careful parent need to look at the pore size of the product, first of all. A bigger pore size of the purifier may not be able to catch the smaller contaminants as such pores provide them friendly passages. Thus try to buy a kitchen appliance like this which comes with as small pores as possible. The safest pore size is 0.2 microns. Stick to that.

See How it Cleans : A portable water purifier which does the cleaning using iodine has remained most popular one, however, it needs to be kept away for direct exposure to sunlight which seems tough while your child is enjoying the excursion. Many children are allergic to it also. Thus a chlorine based portable water purifier can be a safer option. However, the safest are the latest innovations in forms of ultraviolet purifiers. They use heat to cleanse the water and are safe from chemicals.

Don't Cportable water purifier filter filtration purificationompromise With Taste : One thing is sure, a portable water purifier, despite its efficiency, easily destroys the taste of water while cleaning it. Though, many children may not react but see if he/she can drink that tasteless water. Thus see a purifier which comes with an added container where your child can store some flavors.

See The Authenticity : A portable water purifier tends to be a bit costlier, so don't waste your money buying a crap. Buy those which are certified and have received positive responses from critics. Better shop online.

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