Office Automation Guide : Buying Photocopiers

Running a business successfully, whether home based or office based, is not possible without a good photocopier. Like any other office automation product, a photocopier too needs to go through your litmus test before it makes an entry inside your office.

There can be multiple points you need to consider, before you enter an office automation store to get your pick. The points you need to consider basically depend on the type of your business requirements such as ; the type of prints you need, whether black/white or multicolored. Also, you need to find out the volume of documents you copy daily and many more things.

However, now the the best move is to enter into the shop so you can find out a photocopier of your choice. Once into the store, you may put emphasis on the following features of a photocopy machine.

See the Speed : This is the first thing you need to pay attention while buying this office equipment. A high speed photocopier can have a speed of almost 100 ppm. So if you own a high scale office, then there is no way you can't buy such one. For low workload offices, go for something with a speed of 40-50 pages per minute.

Double Dose : Though all the photocopiers are well comfortable with A 4 sheets, when it comes to copy documents on A 3 sheets, they tend to falter. Simply, they are not equipped to do so. Most of the portable photocopiers can't to it. However, there are many innovative photocopiers available which are efficient with both sizes. So such things might be a better choice.

Cap the Paper Capacity : You can't afford to place sheets in the paper feed every now and then. Thus you need to buy a photocopier with much better paper holding capacity. The best photocopier will be one which can hold A 4 sheets as many as 3000-5000 in the tray. Now you are free for almost 2-3 days.

Toner Replacement Facility : Older versions needed to stop copying the documents when you needed to change the toner. It marred the production a lot and killed the valuable time too. Thus you need to buy a modern and efficient photocopier which allows you to replace the toner without disrupting your work flow. Also, changing toner in such machine is not a tedious job.

Added Features : There are many works you need to do with your printed documents such as hole punching, stapling etc. Won't it be great to find out a copier which can do all these things for you? Ask the seller for such features in your office automation equipment.

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