Tips to Save the Life of Mobile Phone Users

Despite its many advantages, a mobile phone often triggers a series of health risks when used carelessly. The direct exposure to a mobile phone often ends up gifting you ailments like dizziness, headaches, loss of concentration, mood swings etc. Thanks to its non-thermal effects.

Such complications might be of trivial importance for you, but researches say that even dreading diseases like cancer can be caused. Moreover, there are strict warnings for a pregnant woman to reduce the careless use of her mobile phone.

The radiation might cause genetic and birth defects to the baby inside. Would you believe that a hypersensitive person can fall sick if kept for a while near a mobile phone. Such is the ill-effect of the hazardous ionizing radiation of electromagnetic waves of a mobile phone.

Thus next time when you lift up your mobile phone to mingle with your near and dear ones, don't put your life at stake. Because, this small technological gift, aimed to shorten the distances between the relations, should not be allowed to cut down the span of your life, at all.

What you need to for Radiation Free Mobile Usage :

Keep It Away : It is always better to maintain a distance from your mobile phone , so try to get adapted to the use a hands-free communication equipment. In the process, you are free from the constant hazardous radiation which is a natural feature of a mobile phone. Definitely, you will not fall prey to many health risks.

Lightly, Not Tightly : If you tend to cover your mobile phone completely with your fingers while talking, you better leave this habit. This results in lowering its capacity to deal with the signals. It mars the performance of your mobile phone. Thus the mobile phone starts using its maximum capacity to enhance its performance. This causes excessive radiation. So hold the mobile phone from its lower end, using the fingertips only.

Come Out : Congested basements or rooms with few openings weaken the signals of a mobile phone. Thus there starts increased radiation which aggravates health risks. So if you happen to work at such places, come out of them while you are receiving or making a call on your mobile phone.

Clip Off : This one is important. Even if you have been following the above given tips and tricks since long, there is still something left which you might not be taking care of.

Whether you use a mobile phone for a shorter period in adverse conditions or for a longer stretch of time in normal conditions, it is always harmful. So keep the calls shorter and avoid the health complications generated by radiation.

Avoid Certain Locations : The radiation of a mobile phone gets aggravated and causes interference when kept amongst a number of electrical devices and equipments. So, it is better to switch off mobiles in the factories while working with complex machines.

The efficiency of medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers is hampered if a mobile phone is kept around. There are evidences of signal interference in the airplanes too, so better switch them off at such places .

Use Antenna : Using a mobile phone in a car is as risky as using it inside an airtight room full of electrical equipments. The radiation increases many times risking your health. Thus to normalize the radiation, connect your mobile to a car roof antenna. It helps to receive and send signals efficiently.

GSM Jeopardizes : Reports say that a GSM phone is comparatively hazardous than a CDMA phone. Unlike a CDMA, a GSM emits deadly sharp-edged lower frequency pulses and electromagnetic waves which cause hypertension and other concentration related complications. So choose a CDMA phone.

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