Wireless Burglar Alarm System : 10 Reasons Why a Burglar Hates It

It would be unwise to undermine the “hidden expertise” of burglars in this highly technologically advanced era. They often come up with newer methods, for the sake of dodging us, of cutting and disrupting our very own traditional hired-wired burglar alarms systems.

So, in order to stop them from fulfilling their ill wishes, we have to come up with something which is more efficient and proves to be a highly effective deterrent.

However, such a move from your part will never be welcomed by a potential burglar. Thus he seems to hold a personal grudge against a Wireless Burglar Alarm System.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why a burglar does so -

1 : It is equally effective at all the places, whether it is your office, or your store room, you garage, or your home, or anything else which need to be guarded. Then where this burglar will go? I feel pity for him.

2 : Easy to install thus you will not find it difficult to replace your existing hard-wired alarm system with a Wireless Burglar Alarm System.

You need to acquire just the basics of DIY skills and it takes only few moments in doing so. Thus you will not remain unprotected even for a single night. No chance for him, apparently.

3 : A Wireless Burglar Alarm System is comprehensively inexpensive, if you value the high tech security it provides. Such high tech alarm can be bought spending much below hundred dollars.

So shrug off the common misconception that such alarms are too expensive. Had you bought a traditional hard-wired burglar alarm, it could have helped the burglar at some extent. He curses its inexpensiveness.

4 : Its installation too is an inexpensive affair. Unlike the installation of traditional hard-wired alarm systems, its installation doesn't require spreading a net of wires all around the walls.

You are free from the worries of making holes, unfixing circuit boards etc. This all helps you get free of installation quite early. Thus the burglar again finds no way to break-in.

5 : Mostly, a Wireless Burglar Alarm System comes with an automatic dialing system. You can feed multiple contacts numbers, so others can be informed, in case of an intrusion, even if your mobile is switched off. How he can afford to have so many guards all at once? Pity on you poor creature!

6 : As it is free of wire mechanism, a burglar can't disconnect you from your home. Of course, he has got no wire to cut.

7 : Unlike a conventional hard-wired burglar alarm system, the mechanism of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System is not so complex.

Thus it needs very less assistance and care. As it hardly goes out of order, he gets no chance ever.

8 : As it is not directly attached to main electric switch board, it uses only a pair of batteries once or twice in a year to run. Also, if you frequently change your residence, it could be the best option for you as it is easy to remove and install a Wireless Burglar Alarm System. Again, switching off the main board will not do any good for the burglar.

9 : It is easily upgradeable as you can add smoke detectors, panic alarms etc as per your need. The panic alarm may be enough to draw the attention of your neighbors. He will have to escape, surely.

10 : Mostly, a Wireless Burglar Alarm System is attached to some security service providers by the means of cellular network. So even if the phone connection is disrupted, the alarm can make the security provider aware about the intrusion. Can he dare to break-in?

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