Busting Audio And Video Cables Quality Myth

While buying accessories for your TVs and videos, don't pay heed, even to the slightest, to the constant advertising maneuvers and the hooplas triggered by some so called producers of “high-quality” audio and video cables. They do nothing but to cheat you in the name of providing you error-free images on the screen.

However, it doesn't mean that I am forcing you to buy audio and video cables spread on the roadsides or the cables brought in by smugglers. Look! Such cables are something which you can call fake as a whole. They are cheap, literally.

Thus, definitely, there lies a clear cut difference between being “cheap” and being “inexpensive” cables and wires. An inexpensive audio and video cable is one which, without compromising with the audio/visual standards, makes these so called expensive cables to run for their lives. Undoubtedly, getting fooled by big brands is not a welcome idea.

The big brands lure you to buy their ultra expensive audio and video cables beating the trumpet of real-life picture quality, improved and highly sonorous voice quality, rainbow-like color details etc. Such boasting proves a manipulated gold digger and a consumer ends up with a thousand holes in his pockets.

Thus come out of this cannot-afford-to-buy-inexpensive-cables hangover. Believe it or not, any low-price edition of audio and video cable can give you the same amount of satisfaction which you expect of an expensive cable.

So if you are looking for audio and video cables for you new HDTV, prefer any low-price HDMI( high-definition multimedia interface) to the expensive HDMI cables. Believe me, using a below $10 audio or video cable will give you as much qualitative picture and sound as you can get of a $200 cable.

However, being honest enough, an inexpensive cable might not be as good looking and durable as its expensive version could be. But if you are opting for a high price cable for the sake of enhanced picture and sound quality, then it would not serve your purpose. Such a purpose can well be entertained with some $8-10 audio video and cables too.

There are many types of audio and video cables and it clearly depends upon you which one you want to go for. For example, if your audio-video receiver is capable of handling HDMI cables, then there ends your search. You can also choose an S-video cord. It is well equipped to give you qualitative pictures.

Many people use coaxial cables. Comparatively, they come at very low prices. They might be not as good as S-video components, but can be efficient and price saving. Though such audio and video cables come at low prices, naturally, they might be found even cheaper at the discount sales. Check out online those shops which offer such sales around your city.

If still you are not convinced that an inexpensive cable can be superior to high priced cables, then have a test by your own at the stores. Run the same audio video system using both types of cables one by one. See the difference. Hope you haven't found any striking dissimilarity. They work with equal efficiency.

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