CES Sees Two Latest Motorola Mobiles Among Market Crisis

The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, a leading trade fair, has witnessed Motorola unveiling two latest mobile phones. The first one, W233, is said to be a green mobile. Thus it has succeeded enough to draw the maximum attention of environment lovers.

The making process of this cellphone, as told, seems to be bizarre. Though it uses plastic for the making of this mobile, the plastic comes from recycled water bottles. Moreover, Motorola has started investing in tree plantation and renewable energy. The phone will cost around $200 and will be marketed by Deutsche Telekom AG's (DT) T-Mobile USA.

The second product from Motorola is a smartphone, called Motosurf. It is a touchscreen mobile and can be operated using a stylus or a track ball or a finger, naturally. This smartphone uses Windows Mobile. Its sale is expected to be started with the sale of W233 right from this quarter.

Motorola And CES :

The Consumer Electronics Show has never been a happy hunting ground for Motorola. The company has always kept away from launching something bigger over here. Thus the current CES has very few products lined up by Motorola. Rather, the mobile giant prefers to unveil its best products at more prestigious communication device shows such as GSMA Mobile World Congress and CTIA.

The Impact of Financial Slump On Motorola :

Like other wireless communication giants, Motorola too has been severely affected by the current market slump. Thus this manufacturer has taken least risks to come up with something new and advanced in the market.

There is no product of the company in the market which could be called as a technology sensation. Rather it has preferred to stay on with its older versions, more or less, with few overt changes. Even there would be nothing new from Motorola, at least for the first six months.

The Current Status Of Motorola :

The marketslump has not only forced Motorola to come up with fewer products, it has also triggered some major setbacks for the company itself. Now it comes second on ranking as Samsung snatched the top post last year in US mobile phone market. Though it has lost its mobile sales graph to competitors like Samsung, Apple etc, still it has retained the top slot for the advanced communication devices.

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