Blue Ray vs DVD : Who Wins The Race ?

Forget the DVDs, otherwise you may find yourself far from getting the highest mode of entertainment. Of course, we were right until recently when we used to think that nothing can beat our DVDs as far as the best entertainment appliance is concerned.

Of course the sound and picture quality of a DVD was free from any direct visible challenge. But as we see that nothing is immobile in the world of technology, a new miracle happened in digital video players technology. The inventors called it Blue-Ray.

These Blue-Rays are well set to replace the DVDs as the most prominent source of video watching. To bring the DVDs to the threshold of extinction, not only its advanced mechanism and much improved storage capacity will play a significant role, but the increasing popularity of HDTVs too is a second reason.

The 1080p resolution of an HDTV, compared to 480p resolution of a DVD, can be exploited to its maximum only by a Blue-Ray player.

Apart from its picture quality, a Blue-Ray player stores more data than a DVD. A DVD can store no more than 10 GB while a Blue-Ray disc can handsomely store a thumping 45-50 GB.

Such is the impact of its arrival that even the movie makers are not left ignorant of the importance of Blue-rays. They are leaving no stone unturned while making a movie. They are more Blue-ray focused.

They are ensuring there best to come up with the most beautiful pictures, in terms of varying colors and their shades, to make watching movies on Blue-rays a magical experience. Thus you have to opt for a Blue-ray player as all the frames of new movies are inclined towards blue-rays.

Also the arrival of HDTV has made the blue-ray a must have. You will no longer find watching videos on HDTVs using a DVD player an interesting job. The difference between resolutions mars the effect. So a blue-ray player enjoys the most befitting compatibility with an HDTV.

Also you are not required to be worried about your huge DVD collection as a Blue-Ray player is capable to run your DVDs too. Thus you are free from the responsibility of getting all your DVDs translated to Blue-ray version.

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