Industrial Ovens : Types And Their Functions

Industrial ovens are used to perform a variety of heat related operations in various industries. More clearly, they are heated chambers or tunnels. Thees are mostly used for thermal processing.

The activities like curing, food making, baking, melting, heating, chemical processing etc are done by these industrial heating and cooling components.

However, these thermal processing units are not meant to accomplish tasks that need higher degrees of temperature. They are best suitable for all the thermal application that can be done using not more than 1300-1400 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature.

The industrial ovens like any other industrial heating and cooling components can be operated using a variety of energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas, electricity etc. Many industries are using industrial ovens capable of functioning on steam too.

There are different types of industrial ovens and they vary not in their functions but also in their shapes and forms too.

Industrial Vacuum Ovens : The heating is done in a vacuumed vessel. The benefits of heating in a vacuumed vessel are many. It removes, almost completely, the chances of harmful chemical reactions and doesn't allow the process to get contaminated.

Industrial Batch Ovens : Mostly used in bakeries, these industrial baking ovens are very huge in size.

The basic functions they perform are ; baking, curing, drying etc. They perform these activities using carts and wheeled racks. Also these are called walk-in or truck-in ovens.

Industrial Bench Ovens : These types of ovens are used in the processing of the specific amount of any material to be processed. They are usually small in their shapes and are fixed on stands.

Industrial Curing Ovens : These ovens are used for power coatings and a series of chemical reactions on materials to be used for particular purposes. Thees functions are done by generating a certain amount of heat in the ovens.

Industrial Foundry Ovens : Most of the times, these are used in jewelry industries etc. Also the fields like mining and die-casting where the melting of metals is required needs the services of these ovens. These can be run by using handwheels too.

Industrial Drying Ovens : Basically, these ovens are used in the treatment and heating of ceramic. They work like kilns and are used to demoisturize the materials to be used for particular purposes. The materials such as ceramic etc are heat treated using these ovens.

However, this list is not complete over here. There are many more types of industrial ovens and they are used for specific purposes and operations they have been made to.

The manufacturers of industrial ovens are always in pursuit of arriving with more sophisticated and user friendly industrial ovens which can be helpful to their maximum. They are constantly trying to maximize these ovens' efficiency.

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