Solar Power Generator : An Eco-friendly Generator

A solar power generator uses solar energy to convert it into electrical energy in order to run the household appliances. Nowadays, one can easily see TVs, washing machines etc being powered by a solar power generator.

It is termed as “green generator” as it is a proven source of energy which adds nothing to the global warming and atmospheric pollution. Rather it helps a lot to save the natural energy sources such as petroleum which are on the way of going extinct.

It is emerging as one of most reliable eco-friendly power generating devices. Its total inability to produce air-polluting smoke and irritating sound as other oil run generators do makes it special.A solar power generator is one of the best answers to the shortage of electricity. A well optimized solar power generator helps a lot to minimize the soaring electricity bill as it is capable of running almost all the appliances merely using the free and unbound solar energy.

Moreover, this device is very user-friendly and needs least efforts while its installation. It is widely used in the countrysides and at those places where people face regular power crisis.

Like all other power generators, it too runs on a definite mechanism. The solar energy is concentrated on the solar panels only to produce DC ( direct current). Then this DC is converted into AC ( alternating current) using the solar inverter already present in the generator itself.

Apart from these two components, the third important component of a solar power generator are its rechargeable batteries. These batteries constantly keep receiving power from the inverter in order to run all the appliances.

The strength and efficiency of a solar power generator depends completely on how powerful its inverter is. It is the most important part of the generator as it has the capability to convert DC into AC. While buying an inverter, it is advisable to buy one which can produce a bit more energy than the actual demand of the home appliances.

In many homes it happens that there is hardly any appliance which is run buy AC. Thus those homes don't need solar power generators with any inverters, apart from devices like DC input systems and DC meters.

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