Electronics Consumer Appliances : Destination Dubai

The rising interest of customers,manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai has made it one of the hottest destinations for the export and import of electronics consumer appliances. This all happened because the rapid market saturation around the globe, especially in the western countries did not seem to be stopping.

The rapid shrinkage in European markets forced the European and American manufacturers to look for a safer ground. Dubai turned up as the leading contender in this rescue act. It provided them enough opportunity to establish firmly an already shaking business.

The rising income per-capita in UAE, thanks to its oil exports and well-devised liberal market policies, made Dubai a battle ground for the leading manufacturers of electronics consumer appliances. Firstly, the Japanese manufactures and suppliers took a complete control over the consumer appliances market in Dubai.

However, the current situation seems to be favorable for European and American manufacturers. They have filled up the shelves of Dubai malls with their products. Definitely, they have proved better in the marketing management. Their customer-luring strategies have worked.

According to a report, the current electronics consumer appliances market is well set to see a skyrocketing growth of 28-30% in this year of 2008. This unbelievable rate of growth will be more accelerated in coming years.

Since 1971, when UAE came into form, this country, especially Dubai has been the most important hub for the international buyers. Initially, the customers from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Pakistan and many African nations etc invaded this market. Most of them used to work in Dubai. They bought appliances to take them back home.

Basically, they bought audio & video systems and household appliances. The trend is still on the rise as the numbers of workers from that part of the world is increasing day by day.

Apart from these Asian consumers,the people from Europe and America too have developed craze of buying electronics consumer appliances in Dubai. Definitely, they get those stuffs cheaper by 10-20%.

The Dubai market boasts to have the best collection of consumer appliances produced by the best manufacturers in this world. Hence, the tourist from all around the globe love to hang out here not only to see the glassy skyscrapers and the glittering sea beaches but to explore the finest market, probably, in the world.

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