Plug Computer By Marvell : Now Slide Your PC Into The Wall Power Socket

Ever heard of a personal computer which can be directly plugged into your wall power socket and you will see no need of your computer furniture anymore?

Or, ever heard of a computer which costs you $50 only when you buy in dozens or its price doubles up if bought in singles or something which uses power as low as 5 watts only?

Did you say it is a crazy question? If you think that anybody body who talks about such a computer might have gone mad, then better you go for a detailed research, or at least surf the official site of Marvell semiconductor, before going that much judgmental.

Do the investigation and you will find that Marvell, a famous manufacture of semiconductors, just, sincerely a fortnight ago, has launched a computer that looks like a plug and can be plugged into the wall too.

Moreover, it has all those computer accessories and features which make a full-fledged computer once they combine together. After all how can you call something a computer unless it has a 1.2GHz Marvell Kirkwood processor, a spacious storage device, a powerful memory drive and so and so. More clearly, it has a 512MB DRAM and 512 megabytes of flash memory storage. However it runs with Linux only. Mind it!

So it has got all what a modern computer should have. Thus this innovative computer is set to give you all the services which are a trademark job of a networked computer. Amazingly, the name sounds a bit of Indian. SheevaPlug! What do you say?

As per its usage, according to the manufacturer, Marvell semiconductor in this case, you can use this plug computer as a home server computer. Definitely, to do so, you have to plug your router and USB flash drive or external hard drive into your SheevaPlug simply. This plug computer comes with a USB 2.0 port.

Regarding size, it is as small as you can think of in terms of a computer. After all, you can't hang a desktop on a wall, isn't it? However, its small size is never a constraint in its performance. Marvell calls it as a computer with “a high-end performance.”

One thing more! Won't you call it an eco-friendly computer? Why.....? Your “why” should know that this plug computer uses only 5 watts, gives efficient service and possesses a very small built so extremely less hardware garbage once becomes unusable.

Of course, it has got all the features of a befitting green computer. However, ironically it may sound, it is completely white regarding its exteriors. Moreover, once you plan to get connected to a network , you can easily do it via Gigabit Ethernet.

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