Dell Launches Designer Adamo : Charges Up 'Thinnest and Cutest Laptop' Fight

In order to cash in on the go-for-the-thinnest-and-cutest-computers-and-laptops instincts of the consumer appliances customers, Dell recently launched it latest notebook that has stole away the tag of the 'thinnest laptop so far' once given to Apple's MacBookAir. Amazingly, only a measure of 0.11 inches and some stylish designing were more than enough to help it win the title.

Interestingly, many experts have termed Adamo as the look-alike of Apple's famous notebook because of its huge similarity to the latter in the matter of width and depth. However, what makes it outstanding and completely different from the Apple's notebook is its artistic design and outlook. Link

The designers of this hand held personal computer, measuring 13 inches, have left no stone unturned to make it a 'treat to watch.' The artistic and detailed design work, inspired by Swiss Watches and fashion brands, done on this laptop make it more of a jewelry than a laptop.

On the part of its technical and operational abilities, it runs Windows Vista Home Premium and comes with a 128GB solid state hard drive. Also, it is equipped with backlit keyboards.

However , it sleek size makes is resistant to the use of an in-built optical device. Thus you have to choose either a $420 Blu-ray or $140 DVD/RW, laptop accessories, made available by the brand itself. Some other drawbacks could be its “an extra-pound weight” as compared to Apple's MacbookAir and the absence of multi-touch trackpad.

LinkYet, the glossy and shining body made of aluminum and its glass display give it a highly innovative and modern look. It is available in two colors; Pearl and Onyx. Dell has announced to launch two models of Adamo; Desire and Admire. Both the models have batteries with equal longevity of almost 5 hours.

Desire is the costliest of the two and comes at US $2,699. It comes with a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor assisted by 4GB 800MHz memory. While the other one, the cheaper version of Adamo, will need you to pay only US$1,999. It has a 2GB 800MHz DDR3 memory and comes with a a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Even the promotion and marketing of this latest laptop has got a completely different bend in the road. Dell released some snaps of Adamo held by professional models taken by none other than Nadav Kandar, often regarded as one of the coolest photographers.

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