Innovative Fitness Equipments For Grip Assistance Your Trainers Has Bought

Grip assistance becomes a major limiting factor when you plan to have a beautiful torso. You are forced to limit your reps as you feel imbalanced, all because of those wobbly fitness equipments meant to give you the right grip assistance.

So to get a proper grip assistance, here are some innovative fitness equipments, just brought in by your trainer. So go and use them. Now you will not have any excuse left to sweat less. Thus discover the right grip and the right shape as well.

Safe Manta Ray :

The next time you hit the gym for the barbell squat, forget placing the spongy pads or cotton sheets between your shoulder and the barbells. Place a manta ray instead. No I don't mean to buy a “Manta Ray” from the fish market near by.

In fact, this sea animal has inspired fitness equipments manufacturers to make something which prevents the damage of your shoulder muscles which often happens when the bar rolls or slips off the shoulders.

The trainer might not have told you but he has just got an all time solution to it. It is a highly innovative fitness equipment. This “Manta Ray” is made of plastic which has inbuilt grooves to place the bar in. The grooves replace the sponges once you kept behind the neck.

Gripping Haulin Hooks :

You enter the gym well intended to do some rigorous weight training. But alas! The poor wrist wrap is not helpful enough to give you a full grip on the weights. Thus a loose grip forces you to minimize the numbers of reps.

Hence you plan to return once again without getting satisfied. But wait! There is something, bought by your trainer, which may help you to train till you drop. The “Haulin Hooks” are made of some durable steel hooks which are attached to a spongy foam padding and nylon straps.

The thick pads of these “Haulin Hooks” save your hands from getting tired and strained. Thus you end up doing the desired numbers of reps. Definitely, a better grip is required to get the maximum result of any consumer appliance. Of course, nothing could be better than these “Haulin Hooks.”

Powerful 1 Ton Hooks :

While doing the back training you hardly get the maximum liberty to use your whole energy. You end up training less than you could have done. Of course, the reason is simple. You run out of grip assistance but not of energy.

So the next time you come across this situation, ask your trainer to give you these “1 Ton Hooks.” Though it is a bizarre name, it symbolizes the power of this amazing fitness equipment quite impressively.

So the next time you go for shrugs or bent-over rows to improve your back muscles, be sure that you are not going to fall short of grip. Use these hooks to strengthen your grip. They are substantially better than the traditional wrist wraps. The steel hooks and comfortable pads of these 1 Ton Hooks give you the right strength to lift what you want to.

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