The Green Year By Jodi Helmer

Green Year? Would You Tell Me About A Calender On Green Papers?

Nay! Not at all! Don't follow the literal meaning. Rather I want to tell you that making this world a greener place is neither related to the environmentalist, nor to Barack Obama only. Even you too can play an active role, believe it. That too every day despite your airtight schedule.

Read The Green Year by Jodi Helmer, a freelance writer, and learn 365 simple tips and tricks to play a role to paint this world green. The most important thing about this book is that it works like a calender which guides you all through the year, allowing you to follow one tip each day.

But It Needs Resources To Be Green?

Oh No! It needs only one resource. That is your utter determination and dedication to a good cause. Who says that you are required to establish a laboratory or call press conferences or hold and lead protest rallies around the embassies to make this world green?

Be determined and apply these 365 simple tips and activities to your practical life. Amazingly, they need neither expensive resources, nor demand big chunks of time. So wait not! Switch to the Get Set Go mode for these suggestions, unheard before.

More importantly, the more bizarre they are, the simpler they are. So you are never required to sweat out or huff and puff to take these green steps. Be relieved, it pays nothing to be green. This is what this book says.

But Books On Environment Are Always Boring! Sorry, I Can't Afford To Read It?

Even I can't afford your baseless fear. The unique style of Jodi Helmer ceases The Green Year to be a book. Its format turns it into a calender. Hold It! It is not only interesting but an exciting eyeopener too. You will come to face a series of interesting methods on how to reduce pollution and save energy.

Is it not an amazing fact to know that even jobs like cooking on cast-iron skillets play a substantial role in painting this world green? Do you know how much energy you can save if you stuff your freezer properly or how much paper you save if you don't ask for receipts at shops or ATMs or whom the recycled newspapers should be given to?

Will you still call it boring again? You know! You are never going to fall short of such interesting ideas in this book. Have a look on more such things.

Do you really succeed in saving your battery while using screensavers? What is eco-friendly hair coloring? How turning on the AC of your car can save more energy than switching it off? Why you should buy beer on taps? Or why you should take your own mug to the coffee shop? Getting excited? You are required to grab a copy of The Green Year, a publication of Alpha Books and Penguin.

But You Called It A Calender. How Come?

Of course, it is a calender. Like any calender on a wall, its pages too have got some space, at their bottoms, so you can write some comments on or can describe an alternative green idea to the idea of Jodi Helmer, if you have.

There are circles on the top of the pages of The Green Year so you can mark “yes” if the tip of the day has been followed successfully. Furthermore, if a book tells you to recycle your Christmas tree on Jan 1or send greetings online using your green computer on Dec 3 or tells you to buy eco-friendly soaps and detergents on April 17 or asks you to “slather on organic sunscreen” on July 8 what will you call it? A calender or a book?

So hurry up and buy this book much before 13th of February as the related page says “ order eco-friendly flowers for your Valentine.” Definitely, everything comes with perfect timing.

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