Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar In London

Don't you know much about silicon chip industry? Don't you know what is going on in this field? Though you are related to it. Then here comes for you a very important event.

Come the fourth Monday of this November, 2008, you will see a full-fledged “Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar” being held at Hilton Kensington, London, England. More clearly, it is 24 th of Nov.

What It Tells :

If you want to know the basic details and nuances of silicon industry, it may be helpful enough to you. The seminar is set to tell you a lot about which are the major driving forces that run this field.

This training will not only make you knowledgeable about the industry itself but it will be helpful on the personal front too. Clearly, according to expectations it will tell you how to handle your customers too.

Moreover, when the training will be over you will find yourself more updated regarding the industry and its products. The purpose and the usage of a particular product may be more vivid to you.

The seminar, you will find, that it is full of papers based on the detailed studies of the silicon chip industry. The study reports and training sessions will be full of examples and theories.

Whom This Seminar is Actually Meant For :

It is targeted to the professionals and delegates related to the industries of information technology and semiconductors . Most interestingly, this seminar allows the entry of not only the experts of this field but even an untrained or a novice one too can creep into it.

The Participants Will Be Given :

*A copy of “The Silicon Chip Binder,”

*A CD-ROM having all the material presented in the session. It will also have a glossary of terms.

*A three month long post-seminar inquiry privilege of sending their queries to the experts of seminar if they fail to understand certain points given in the material.

Medium of Instruction :

Being held in England, naturally it has too be English. It is a complete audience-centered training program where the audience interaction will be given the maximum importance.

To make the training session more lively and interactive, the enough use of sample materials, visual aids and and semi-conductor devices has been ensured.

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