For a Disabled, His Tongue Controls His Computer

The round the clock “busy” tongue has been given a completely new and unique job to perform apart from doing chit-chats, differentiating sweet from salty, wiping off the melting cones etc.

It has been turned into a computer control pad for a below neck disabled. Though sounds extremely amazing, it has to be believed if it claimed by Georgia Tech researchers.

The researchers at Georgia Tech have come up successfully to transform the mouth of a disabled into a virtual computer which would be controlled by the tongue. Interestingly, his thirty-two teeth, even if he/she has the complete set intact or not, will work like a keyboard.

The innovation, though in its early stage, has shown bright results, and seems to have brought an end to all the woes of a disabled. They call it “Tongue Drive System.” As the name implies, the tongue has the lead role to play to serve a disabled.

The simple and guided movements of the tongue will help him to run his wash machines and air-conditioners and other home appliances. Now, using his tongue, he can easily roll on his wheelchair without a human support. And most importantly, he can operate his computers.

This rare scientific device is a much needed booster and a lifeline for a helpless disable. It could make him/her self dependent and competent.Assistant professors Mayasam Ghovanloo, the head of this project, seemed optimistic and said, “ You( disables) could have full control over your environment by just being able to move your tongue.”

Moreover, his precious scientific feat has got many advocates also. What they loved most of this device is its versatility and easy to use features. For example, Mike Jones, Shepherd Center, Atlanta said, “ This could give you an almost infinite number of switches and options for communications. It is easy, and somebody could learn an entirely different language.”

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