Yahoo introduces new e-mail domains

If you have created a new account on yahoo mail and couldn't find a proper user ID then you shouldn't worry. Even if you have been a long time user of yahoo mail, you would not have found a user ID matching your name or personality. Yahoo mail, the most popular web based e-mail in the world, introduced two new e-mail domains as and It allowed the users to select new and simpler e-mail addresses ending in and The e-mail accounts on and will have the same features as

Currently Yahoo is the e-mail market leader with more than 260 million users worldwide. Yahoo Vice President John Kremer said in a statement "People want an e-mail address that reflects who they are, whether they are signing up for an e-mail address for the first time, or simply updating their e-mail pseudonym to reflect the stage they are at in life,".

By adding two new domains Yahoo is tripling the size of its globally-popular free online email service. The prime intention is to let users, who have outgrown or never really liked their email addresses, to have chances at better choices.

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