Top 10 Strategic Technologies 2010

Gartner defines a strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to IT or the business, the need for a major dollar investment, or the risk of being late to adopt. These technologies impact the organization's long-term plans, programs and initiatives. They may be strategic because they have matured to broad market use or because they enable strategic advantage from early adoption.

According to Gartner, the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2010 are -

Cloud Computing - Cloud computing is a style of computing that characterizes a model in which providers deliver a variety of IT-enabled capabilities to consumers. Cloud-based services can be exploited in a variety of ways to develop an application or a solution.

Advanced Analytics - Optimization and simulation is using analytical tools and models to maximize business process and decision effectiveness by examining alternative outcomes and scenarios, before, during and after process implementation and execution. The new step looks into the future, predicting what can or will happen.

Client Computing -. Virtualization is bringing new ways of packaging client computing applications and capabilities. As a result, the choice of a particular PC hardware platform, and eventually the OS platform, becomes less critical.

IT for Green - IT can enable many green initiatives. The use of IT, particularly among the white collar staff, can greatly enhance an enterprise’s green credentials. Common green initiatives include the use of e-documents, reducing travel and teleworking.

Reshaping the Data Center - Cutting operating expenses, which are a nontrivial part of the overall IT spend for most clients, frees up money to apply to other projects or investments either in IT or in the business itself.

Social Computing - Enterprises must focus both on use of social software and social media in the enterprise and participation and integration with externally facing enterprise-sponsored and public communities. Do not ignore the role of the social profile to bring communities together.

Security - Activity Monitoring - Traditionally, security has focused on putting up a perimeter fence to keep others out, but it has evolved to monitoring activities and identifying patterns that would have been missed before.

Flash Memory - Flash memory is not new, but it is moving up to a new tier in the storage echelon. Flash memory is a semiconductor memory device, familiar from its use in USB memory sticks and digital camera cards. It is much faster than rotating disk, but considerably more expensive, however this differential is shrinking.

Virtualization for Availability - Virtualization has been on the list of top strategic technologies in previous years. machine and the next instruction begins on the destination machine.

Mobile Applications - By year-end 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile commerce providing a rich environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web.

This list should be used as a starting point and companies should adjust their list based on their industry, unique business needs and technology adoption mode,” said Carl Claunch, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “When determining what may be right for each company, the decision may not have anything to do with a particular technology. In other cases, it will be to continue investing in the technology at the current rate. In still other cases, the decision may be to test/pilot or more aggressively adopt/deploy the technology.

Best Reasons For You To Buy An LCD Television

You can have a thousand reasons to buy any TV of your choice, but buying an LCD TV may have only one reason; its name, that is it! Though the consumer appliances market is full of many types of TV, buying an LCD television can prove an ultimate decision for you, thanks to a series of luring attributes attached to it. The first and foremost benefit of buying an LCD television is that it puts a full-stop to the fears and woes of premature burn-in. Secondly, it is a great tool to get entertained with less than normal energy consumption. Thirdly, it can give you an uninterrupted service for almost two decades, irrespective of how rigorously you use it. This is not the all...In fact, there are many more other features which justify, why you should buy nothing but an LCD TV.

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Cell Phone Stun Guns : The Best Companion Of A Working Woman

If you are a housewife and remain inside, most of the time, then there is nothing to fear, of course, most of the time. But you put your personal security at stake, all the time, when you happen to be a working woman. After all, the street-snatchers seem to be more interested in attacking a single woman, coming late in the nights, after a hard day's work, than anyone else.

Reports say that more than one-third of all the attacks by these robbers are carried out on women. And it is least important to say that the majority of such deadly attacks are targeted to working women. However, the administration tries its level best to make such working women a 'competent self defenders' by telling them to learn martial arts. But nothing works to tame those skilled criminals. Necessarily, they too are trained in those skills.

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So, definitely, if such is the case, then there is nothing which can help you but a suitable, innovative and disguising cell phone stun gun. These are the best personal security products, a working lady must have to protect herself. A powerful cell phone stun gun, generating volts in millions, can be more than enough to stun the most powerful of snatchers.

Though, there are many types of stun guns, ranging from a mini stun gun to a standard-size stun gun, choosing a cell phone stun gun has always remained a wise step. Lets see how!

What Is This ?

A cell phone is the most useful and favored personal security product for a working woman. Its small size makes it completely invisible to a potential attacker, and you can easily stun him using this disguised cell phone stun gun, which generates almost 800,000- 900,000 volts.

Why Should I Buy It ?

The main advantage of a cell phone stun gun is that it never alerts the attacker in advance. Thanks to its small size, it successfully conceals its identity as it remains attached to keyring or belts etc. Thus the snatcher takes you lightly as an unarmed prey, only to get stunned after moments.

Most importantly, its small size has nothing to do with its efficiency. It remains as useful and accurate as any other stun gun. Rather it comes with a powerful shocking effect which immobilizes an attacker for few minutes till you make a safe distance or shout our for help.

Can I Kill Him ?

Though it proves to be a potent personal security product, it possess least risk to you and the attacker's life. Remember, it stuns only and doesn't kill, necessarily. It leaves an attacker in immense and intolerable pain making him restless. Thus his all efforts are wasted to make himself safe , as he feel like collapsing, rather than attacking you.

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